Wild Flowers At Fish Lake Oregon


Wild flowers seemed to be a bigger attraction at Fish Lake campground than the fish.  A recent forest fire burned down much of the surround forest leaving fertile ground for wild flowers.  The mountain meadows were carpeted with lush green grass and wild flowers contrasted by the blackened trees.  It was amazing!

wild flowers blooming

My kids and I got all excited about all the trout that we were going to catch at Fish Lake in the Wallowa Mountains of Oregon.  We got the skinny on what to use to catch our limit from the locals in town. My kids still would rather be playing in the water with squirt guns or floating on a raft than fishing.  I thought that bringing them to a lake named after fish would excite them at least a little.  We went to Fish Lake to catch fish.  We lost hooks, bobbers, and the hardware that attaches the spool to the reel.  Come to think of it, we lost a segment of the fishing pole too.  Camping is about making memories, so we can laugh about now.  We replaced the broken fishing poles with new ones and are ready to fish again this season.

wild flowers blooming

It's located at over 6000 feet, so be prepared for cold nights.  I went for a run through beautiful meadows of wild flowers that were frosted with ice crystals.  The beauty of the surrounding area made the 20 some mile drive on gravel roads worth the trip.

Carpets Of Wild Flowers At Fish Lake

carpet of wild flowers

The wild flowers were the most amazing wild flowers that I have ever seen.  Another camper told me that a forest fire had burned out an area near the campground and wild flowers were growing abundantly in the nutrient rich soil.  I took my family for short hike and they were equally as excited as myself.  It's fun to discover gems like this when you least expect it.

red and white wild flowers

Not only were the wild flowers a site to behold, camping at Fish Lake was one of our best campgrounds ever.  The water comes from a natural spring.  The out-houses are clean.  Every campsite is very private.  You cannot see your neighbors from most of the sites.  The host takes care of the campground as if it's his own land.  He's retired gentleman who has a passion for helping others.  Since we are basically a self contained unit in our stealth van, we never miss the amenities like hot running water, flushing toilets, and electricity that crowds.  For $5 a night, this campground is a slice of paradise.



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