Sea To Summit TKii Down Sleeping Bag Review


Sea To Summit Trek series down sleeping bag made with 650 fill Ultra-Dry Down™ is a sure winner for back packing, car camping, and trekking.  The down is fluffy and so comfortable to sleep in.  

For world travelers, trekkers, bicycle tourists, car campers, vagabonds, hostlers, and back packers, the TKii  light weight down sleeping bags rocks.  The bags are light, roomy, comfortable, small, and useful as a comforter or sleeping bag.  On cold nights in northern California, I use it for extra warmth rather than turning up the heat. 

sea to summit lightweight down sleeping bag

Sea To Summit's Amazing Customer Service & Quality Guarantee

Let's get the negatives out of the way.   Sea To Summit designs and makes high quality outdoor gear.   I own two Sea To Summit TreK ii series sleeping bags. Both had quality control issues.   One bag had irregular stitching on the zipper and another bag had missing down in several areas.  I received 2 replacement bags and am super satisfied.

On  REI 's website, several people complained about missing down in some of the chambers.  I called Sea To Summit to ask about the problems and the company representative was also surprised.

Sea To Summit scores a perfect 10 in customer service.  One of their reps went into great detail of the importance of camping mat under your sleeping bag.  I learned more in that conversation than I have in my 50 years of camping.  In fact, he suggested getting a high quality insulated camping mat or sleeping pad before ordering a new down sleeping bag.

I was told to return the bag to REI and exchange it for a new bag.  Problem solved.  The bag is still in use and in perfect shape.


4 Reasons Why I Think You Will Like This Sleeping Bag

  1. It's the lightest and warmest sleeping bag I have ever owned.  Did I mention that the TKii weighs less than 2 1/2 pounds?  
  2. This bag works even if you get it wet.  Sea To Summit uses the ultra dry 650 fill duck down that is supposed to repel water.  This is a major benefit for down sleeping bag lovers as we know that once down absorbs water, it will not keep you warm.
  3. Freedom to move around inside the bag.  I am not a mummy sleeping bag type of bag guy.  I just dislike feeling cramped in my sleeping bag.  This bag has plenty of wiggle room, yet is small enough to keep the heat on inside the bag.  It's tapered semi-rectangular to give your more space where you need it.  You can open it up like a down comforter and sleep with it like a blanket on those warm nights when you don't need confining sleeping bag.
  4. If you want to keep warmer on very cold nights, the adjustable hood is spot on without choking your neck.  When the temperature got cold my back packing trip, I partially cinched up the draw strings and placed a beanie cap on my head. 

I recommend the Sea To Summit TKii down sleeping bag to everyone. You can buy directly from Sea To Summit or order online from REI or Back Country.  All have excellent customer service.


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