Nemo Cosmo Camping Air Mattress Review

nemo cosmo camping air mattress review

I bought a Nemo Cosmo Camping air mattress after years of struggling with self inflating sleeping pads.   This is my unbiased review of the Nemo Cosmo camping air mattress and why own 2 of them.

I own several REI Campbed 3.5 and slept reasonably comfortable on them.  However, I felt like deflating them was akin to wrestling with a walrus.  Any free time enjoying my morning coffee was spent on removing the air and coaxing the pad back into the stuff sack.

Not so with the Nemo Cosomo.  I pull the plug and most of the air comes out before I stand up.

Nemo Cosmo Camping Air Mattress Review

My family and I recently went on a month long family camping trip through parts of Idaho, Oregon, Northern California.  We traveled in a full size Ford E150 van.  I built 2 platform beds with 1 inch foam for insulation on top of the plywood.

My wife and I like to sleep in comfort.  I purchased 2 Nemo Cosmo insulated air mattresses from REI for the trip.  These are a full 3 inches thick.  The Cosmo uses Primaloft as the insulating material to keep your body warm.  Many people do not realize that your body looses a lot of heat through your bottom if not properly insulated.  You can have a very warm sleeping bag but still be cold if you don't use an insulated pad.  My wife always complained about getting cold when we used our queen size air bed camping.  The Nemo Cosmo keeps us warm.

Nemo Cosmo Air Mattress Deflates In Seconds

Besides keeping us warm and comfortable, the Cosmo was just as easy to deflate as it was to inflate.  The built in foot pump makes inflating the air mattress a cinch.  On our raised platform bed, I used my fore arm as it was more convenient than placing the air mattress on ground.  Inflation takes less than a minute.  My 2 pre-teen boys had competitions to see who could pump up the Nemo faster.  Deflation was amazing.  Most air mattresses you have to fight with to squeeze the last bit of air out.  Not with the Nemo.  It has two release valves-one is actually an adjusting valve that slowly releases air to assist you in getting the correct air pressure.  The other release valve is like a drain plug.  After you open the plug, it immediately deflates.  After deflating, simply roll the mat up and stick in the compression sacks.

This could be used for back packing.  It's a decision between being super comfortable by adding about 6 extra ounces or not being so comfortable and traveling lighter.  I value my sleep more than my walking comfort.  I would rather sacrifice a little by carrying extra weight so I can sleep better at night.

These are handy air mattresses to keep around when you have guests visiting because your guests will be comfortable.  Because the foot print is so small, you can throw it on top of an existing bed during the day to keep it out of the way until your guests leave.

I used to think self inflating camping pads were the best way to go because they are warm and comfortable.  After using the Nemo everyday for an entire month, I rescind that opinion.  The Nemo Cosmo is at least half the weight of my REI Campbed 3.5, is more comfortable, and will keep me just as warm.

This is a product that I would recommend to my family and friends.  It will keep you warm and comfortable.


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