If you are camping or taking a trip through the Hood River Valley in Oregon, Lost Lake Campground makes an excellent side trip or destination.  It’s a remote mountain lake that is not on any of the main roads.  You have to intentionally go there.

I first heard about Lost Lake Campground  & Resort from a National Forest Camp Ground host who boasted about the beauty of the lake and the surrounding area.  He described the campground as if it were a plush resort with all the amenities of a 5 star hotel.

The Best Huckleberry Picking in Oregon is at Lost Lake Campground

My impressions of the campground was much different.  When I arrived at Lost Lake, I was taken back by the beauty of the dense forest and how secluded it felt.   Wild huckleberries were growing everywhere.  You could literally sit in an area and eat them without moving. This place is a remote mountain retreat that is worth visiting.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how private most of the campsites were.  I did not see any luxuries like I thought I heard the guy talking about.   The running water was  cold.  There were stove pipe outhouses.  The camp store has a showering facility that charges $3 for a nice hot shower.  We carry a Nemo portable camp shower and save the $12 it would cost our family for showers.

The resort that is separate from the campground.  Campers can shop at the tiny grocery store and rent boats and flotation devices.  We bought 2 inflatable tubes for our boys to play around in.  Surprisingly, their prices were comparable to Walmart.

We stayed at Lost Lake Campground because we needed a place to relax for a few days.   It seemed like a short distance on the map from the main road.   Driving the winding mountain road was not easy-even in my all wheel drive Subaru.

Lost Lake Campground Is Not A Cheap Sleep

The cheapest campsite at Lost Lake is $27 for a tent site.  I did not see much difference between the tent or rv sites as both had water and no electricity.  It must be the size of the parking space.

If you want to save money on the campsite, Lost Lake has an incredible day use area located right on the lake that for time being is free.   It has picnic tables, water, and is shady.  We spent 2 full days in the day use areas lounging by the lake and returned to our campsite to sleep.  If we ever return to this place, we will find some free nearby dispersed camping in the national forest and take advantage of the day use area.

The nights are cold at Lost Lake.  Make sure that you have a warm sleeping bag.  Amazon, LL Bean, Back Country, and REI have some great deals on sleeping bags.  My down bag kept me warm on the cold nights.


  1. I couldn’t agree more with your comments about the “resort” not being all that great. However they still manage to book this campground every single night and have to turn people away during the peak months. Simple supply and demand dictates they should be charging more for camping. You aren’t going to find lakeside campsites at Lost Lake Campground but it is still one of my favorite spots on Mt. Hood.


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