LifeTime Plastic Folding Camping Table

Have you ever wondered what your most useful camping gadget is in your rig?  The LifeTime Plastic folding camping table is one of the most useful items in our camping van. It comes out of the back of the van for every meal or an overnight stay.  We carry 2 folding plastic camping tables.

Boondocking is our preferred method of camping mainly because it’s free and gives us more space to spread out.  However, there are no amenities like picnic tables or bathrooms.  The table is the one item that we cannot do without.

Why buy a plastic camping table when there are so many cool options like aluminum, bamboo, or stainless steel?  It all came down to space and ease of use.  Lifetime plastic tables are compact, lightweight, easy to use, and sturdy.  Price was not a consideration.  Nontheless, folding plastic tables are inexpensive.

Plastic Folding Camping Table Uses

Folding camping tables are the best addition to car campers site. Namely, a camping table’s primary functions serve as a prep station, a place to cook, a wilderness buffet, or an outdoor pot-luck dinner table.

Food preparation is the most common use for our camping table.  Regularly, we set 2 tables up behind our van to simplify meal preparation and dining.  

In spite of the table being the center of the outdoor kitchen, we often use our table playing cards, making crafts, or as an equipment repair bench. Additionally, I use the tables for placing the Front Runner storage bins on to keep them off the ground.

We are spontaneous and like to picnic or have dinner when we feel the like it.  For example, we found this aqua blue lake in British Columbia and were able to pull over right next to the lake lunch.  We pulled the table out and immediately cooked a picnic lunch.  Forget having to wait for the perfect picnic or campground.  Make your own!

At home, we find many uses for the table like eating Christmas dinner or just playing games.

In conclusion, we purchased the Lifetime 80206 and it appears that is replaced by the heavier Lifetime 4428 Height Adjustable 48″ half folding table. However, the newer model is heavier and more durable.

You can purchase plastic folding camping tables at Walmart, The Home Depot and Amazon.

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