Klymit Static V Camping Air Mattress


It’s spring time and I’m looking at new products for summer camping trips.  My goal is to find the best air mattress for camping. I just came across the Klymit Static V Inflatable Sleeping Pad that weighs a mere 20 ounces. Mind you, I was looking for a new comfortable air mattress and was not expecting to find something so incredibly light and yet quite thick, wide, and long. The dimensions are 72 “X 23 “X 2.5 “. What I discovered is both a backpackers and car campers dream sleeping pad.

The Klymit has a V–chamber that offers a very comfortable sleeping base and additionally traps air to keep you much warmer than traditional sleeping pads. The side rails are horizontally baffled to keep you situated in a comfortable sleeping position all night. This inflatable sleeping pad also has the amazing benefit of being able to fully inflated it just 10 to 12 short breaths. Simply amazing.  It’s child’s play when it comes to setting this thing up for a good nights sleep.


I have a good collection of sleeping pads that switch back and forth to use on camping trips.  I spend more time and money researching sleeping gear because I like to be rested for all my day time activities.  If I can get by on less sleep I will.  It has to be a quality sleep.

How To Sleep Like A Rock On Rocks With The Klymit Static V Air Mattress

Camping out is never convenient.  I have never seen a flat surface while camping except for the road that I drove in on.  When camping out, you don’t have to let rocks get in your way of having a great night sleep.  The key is to have plenty of air between you and the rocks.  The Klymit Static V will put a lot of air between you and the ground-a full 2.5 inches.   The baffles will keep your bottom from hitting bottom.  You will sleep like a rock without feeling like you slept on rocks.

I have the self inflating air mattresses made by Therm-A-Rest and REI.  I thought that I would never see anything better than the self inflating air mattresses.  The Klymit V stacks up against the self inflating air mattresses in every aspect except the weight.  My REI Camp Bed 3.5 weights almost 5 times more.  Don’t get me wrong-I am not complaining because the Camp Beds are super comfortable.  With that said, if you can have just as comfortable of a sleep with a fraction of the weight and half the cost, why would you buy anything else?  Good question.

The Klymit Static V Air Mattress Is The Cheapest Air Mattress In It’s Class

This air mattress sells for a ridiculously low price of $59 and usually comes with free shipping at places like Backcountry Edge.  I think it’s a temporary loss leader as they try to gain market share for this type of air mattress.  A decent foam pad will cost you near that amount!

REI sells on other sleeping pads made by Klymit but at this point I have only seen the Klymit V sold online at Back Country Edge.  Back Country Edge offers free shipping and free returns!  What this means is that you can take the Klymit V on your next trip and give it a test drive.  If you like it, you keep it.  On the other hand, if you are not satisfied or are completely miserable, ship this bad boy back to them for a full refund.  This is an offer that even my favorite camping retailer REI does not offer.

I have owned the Camp Bed 3.5 for several years and I have no punctures that I know about.  The Klymit V is too new to rate on durability.  Both the Therm-A-Rest and Camp Bed are self inflating.  The Klymit V needs to be inflated with your lungs (it does not come with a pump and chances are it never will).  Let’s not forget that you can inflate the Klymit V with 12 or so breaths.

Key Benefits Of Klymit V Inflatable Air Mattress

  • Will not weigh down your car or back pack.
  • Packs super small so real estate space is not an issue.
  • The insulation will keep you warm.
  • The horizontal side rails will keep you in a comfortable sleeping position.

I think the Klymit V sleeping air mattress has the chance of being an award winning sleeping device for campers of all types for 2012 and beyond.  I am sold.

Why should you be so concerned about something as simple as a sleeping pad?  It’s because when you are camping, you will be spending approximately 30% of your entire trip sleeping.   A good sleep will greatly enhance your entire trip.  On the other hand, if your sleep is restless, you are going to have one miserable camping or back packing trip.  I don’t like feeling rocks, sticks, and roots when I am sleeping.  I spend more money on my sleeping gear than just about any piece of camping equipment.  Think about your mattress that you sleep on at home.


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