How To Power Your Laptop Computer With Portable Camping Solar Panels


sunforcemotomastersolarpanelDo you go on frequent car camping trips and other outings where you like the convenience of your electronic gadgets such as smart phones, lap tops, and DVD players but you are unsure about how to keep the charged without draining the life out of your car battery?  Portable camping solar panels will power your electronic devices and have the ability to keep your car battery fully charged.  No more need to worry about draining your car battery and being stuck.   Portable solar panels are getting inexpensive are getting lighter.  Read on to find light out about light weight solar panels and chargers for around $100.

How A Solar Charger Could Have Kept My Car Battery From Going Dead

Our family recently returned from a 3 week car camping trip in Northern California and Oregon.  We stayed in places so remote that cell phone coverage was non-existent and we had no electricity.  We had brought our 2 laptop computers for photo editing and for writing about our camping trip.  I was also doing a daily Beach Body Insanity workout that required the use of the computer to view the workout  routine.  We had to rely on charging our computers with a power inverter connected the power outlets in our vehicle.  I got lucky and never drained the battery completely in the remote areas.  However, I managed to completely drain the battery while staying in a county park in Oregon.  Fortunately, a neighbor camper had jumper cables and was able to start my vehicle.  A 12 volt portable camping solar panel would have really been nice because had I used it, my battery would have never gone dead!    This got me to start thinking about getting a small 12 volt solar panel to run our MacBooks and Ipods, and cell phones.

Can You Survive A Camping Trip Without Your Smart Phone, Laptop, And Other Gadgets?

Absolutely!  But the real question is do you want to leave all these things back at home?  I doubt it.

Having the computer on our trip was a valuable tool for photo editing and storing our digital images. Memories are made on camping trips and it was important for us to record them.  I started looking around at portable solar generators and did not like the $300 plus price tags for an item that was not going to be used frequently.  Plus most of the expensive units were made specifically for lap top computers and produced very little usable electricity.    Using the car battery seemed to be working really good as long as I did not drain it.

Why Light Weight Camping Solar Panels Are Good Choice To Keep You Off The Grid

Sunforce makes incredible folding solar panesl that  weighs  less than a half pound and can  folded up to take on hikes and back packing trips.  It will power anything that will plug into a cigarette lighter.  Some people keep one on the car for emergency situations or to keep their seldom used vehicles batteries charged.  It provides a full 6.5 W of power.  This is something that I would carry on a back packing trip if I wanted to bring some electronic gadgets with.  It folds up very small and is super light weight.  You can charge your camera batteries, Ipod, flash light batteries, etc.  It’s a great emergency power source for your home in case the inevitable power out happens.  Click here to read the reviews at Amazon about light weight folding solar panels.

If you purchase the solar kit, you will be able to charge your car battery and plug a power inverter into this amazing gadget.  In all the years that I have been car camping with my family, I have managed to drain the battery at least once by either leaving the lights on or by running electronic appliances.   With the Sunpower solar panel, I will not have to be worried about this any longer.

Cheap Camping Solar Panels & Solar Generators

There are many configurations that will work well for camping.  Keep your choices simple and you can enjoy all your toys and gadgets.  The best solutions that I have seen to power your toys come with a cost both financially and with space.

A decent solar laptop charger is going to set you back over $200.  Is it worth it?  Not really.  If you are going to spend that much, buy a solar charging system that will have multiple uses.

I think a very good solution is to purchase individual light weight solar battery and cell phone chargers that use minimal current draw.

For heavy power consumption, purchase an extra car battery and connect a power inverter and SunForce solar ttrickle battery charger directly to the battery to keep it charged at all times.

If you have the space, the best solution is to purchase a solar panel made to charge a 12 volt car battery.  You can clamp a power inverter directly to the battery and never have to  worry about your car battery dieing.  Some vehicles can be modified to install  a second battery.  I like the idea of having the battery fixed so  it does not move around.  You could mount the battery in the  back of a pickup  truck or have a panel welded inside the engine compartment.

What if you don’t want to carry an extra battery?  No worries.  Just connect the solar charger to your automobile battery and use it at will.  If you drain your battery, at  least you a unit that will  charge the battery back to life.



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