3 Tips On How To Find The Best Free Boondocking Camping Sites.

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Do you stress out thinking about how to find the best free boondocking camping sites? I have an easy method that almost guarantees you will find the best free boon docking camping sites. It’s so simple that you will wonder why anyone including yourself overlooks this method.


I started boon docking in the 1970’s before boondocking was a familiar camping term. I camp legally in plain view and never get bothered.

Don’t bother writing these 3 steps down as you will never forget this method.

How To Find The Best Free Boondocking Camping Site

  1. Drive down any cool road on next trip pay attention to small roads or tracks that lead into either the National Forest or BLM land.
  2. Turn on to this road and keep your eyes open for any track that looks like a decent place to set up camp for the night or the week. Make sure it’s public land and there are no signs indicating you cannot camp over night.
  3. Park your rig in your free campsite and enjoy.

It’s really this simple.

boondocking camping sites

How To Find Free Boondocking Camping Sites 

I look for paid campsites in national forests and BLM land and search for areas close by that are legal to camp in. I drive a mile or 2 from a national forest or BLM campground and look for tell tale signs like fire rings and make shift benches.

Buy a Benchmark Road Atlas for your next road trip destination.  Benchmark Atlases show all National Forest or BLM land, including limited campgrounds.  The atlas details gravel roads that show approximately where you can camp.  I buy them online at Amazon.com.

I use this method for finding free campsites on all my long road trips without fail. Most national forests and BLM areas allow people to boondock camp for free.


Check Local Camping and Fire Regulations

Fire restrictions are common in the western United States requiring a fire permit to operate a Coleman gas or propane stove. The Feds don’t play and fines can be steep.



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