Front Runner Wolf Pack Storage Box Review

It’s almost laughable that I used brown paper grocery bags for storing food and camping gear on my first family camping trip rather than cargo boxes.  Had I known about Front Runner’s Wolf Pack Storage Box when I started car camping, it would have saved me time and frustration.  Front Runner refers to them as permanent storage solutions.  

Problems With Cheap Plastic Cargo Storage Boxes

The volumetric efficiency is horrible for most plastic storage containers on the market.  Most containers are not specifically meant for camping and moving in and out of vehicles.

Slanted and rounded corners waste a good chunk of precious real estate space. Most storage containers don’t stack well. The lids and boxes crack after a season of moving them in and out of your rig. My boxes go in and out of my Ford E350 van several times a day and I am not careful.  

I have gone through Rubbermaid, Sterilite, and Lowes plastic storage containers and the common fatal flow with all these boxes is cracking after use. Getting 3 years hard use out of a Rubbermaid or Sterilite cargo box is stretching it.

Front Runner Wolf Pack Storage Box

Frustration hit me in the face. I lurked in and out of the Expedition Portal Forum for alternatives to the Rubbermaid Action Packers and other cheap cargo boxes. Searching for the best camping cargo box, I discovered Front Runner Outfitters Wolf Packs. They are expedition quality ammo crates marketed for over landing and car camping.  Front Runner Outfitters is a leader in high-end expedition quality camping gear.

Spending a whopping $40 for each Wolf Pack seems absurd until I realized that I have spent more than that replacing broken plastic storage boxes. Unfortunately, I got trapped into buying cheap storage boxes and spending beaucoup bucks replacing the junk!

After drooling over Front Runner Wolf Packs for nearly 2 years, I plunked down $210 and ordered 6 of them.  Front Runner had a Black Friday promotion going for $35 each with free shipping.

The Wolf Packs arrived and were incorrectly delivered to a neighbors house. My son picked up boxes and was amazed at how good the quality was. He compared them to our 6 Wally World Sterilite boxes with flimsy side walls and lids. He said the Front Runner Wolf Packs were strong and not flimsy.

Front Runner Wolf Pack Storage Box Review

Front Runner Wolf Pack Cons

The lids are not as stable as I wanted. Standing on Wolf Pack storage boxes no doubt results in weakening the lids.   Sitting on them seems appropriate.

The latches are nothing to write home about. If careful (I am not), I am hoping the latches don’t break within the first year.

Flimsy lids and pour quality latches are not a major deterrent for me. I read reviews and called Front Runner.  The problem exists.  If it was really bad, people would stop buying the Wolf Packs. Front Runner sells replaceable metal latches. Not sure why they didn’t ditch the plastic latches and go with metal latches up front.

Complaints about the latches came from reputable sources that still purchased these amazing storage boxes.  Some use them as steps to their rig. I don’t plan on using the boxes as a ladder or step stool. I bought a $120 telescoping Xtend & Climb ladder from Amazon for that purpose.

The Benefits Of Front Runner Wolf Pack Storage Boxes

Because the side walls are straight and the corners almost 90 degrees, packing the Wolf Packs is easy. I pack almost as much gear in the 31-liter Wolf Packs as I do in the Sterilite 38-liter cargo boxes.

Wolf Packs impact resistant plastic storage boxes arrange easily in most camping and expedition rigs. Stacking them for space efficiency is easily accomplished thanks to the semi-locking lid to the base design.

Food Organization Is Easy With Front Runner Wolf Packs

These boxes store neatly under our platform bed.

Side By Side Comparison-Front Runner Wolf Packs VS Sterilite

The wolf packs fit just as neat as my old Sterilite cargo containers.  I find carrying Wolf Packs with 2 arms easy.  The Sterilite boxes were too long and I seemed to get backaches on every camping trip by incorrectly lifting them.

These boxes are sturdy.  Regular abuse is not going to wreck these units.  Overpacking.  Shoving them in the back of a truck.  Dropping them from a few feet in the air.  I fully expect them to take a beating and keep on working.

Wolf Pack Storage Container Specifications

  • Exterior Dimensions: 20.1″ x 15.8″ x 9.1″
  • Interior Dimensions: 17.7″ x 13.4″ x 8.1″


  • Made from black, high-strength plastic that resists crushing
  • Integrated grips for easy carrying
  • Suitable for use in a cargo bed, truck or trunk space, or on a roof rack
  • Suitable for exterior storage
  • Stacks securely with other Wolf Packs

Where To Buy Front Runner Wolf Packs

Front Runner Outfitters

If you are wondering what I fill my Front Runner Wolf Packs with,  check out the deals at Campsaver.  They sell discounted camp stoves, utensils, plates, sleeping bags, etc.  I purchase from reputable companies that offer no hassle returns and free or discounted shipping.  REI and Campsaver are my go-to place for the best deals on outdoor gear.

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