Light Weight Camping Gear


My wife enjoys carrying all the comforts of home on camping trips.  Trouble is even in our large van, we don’t have room for heavy equipment.  Carrying light weight camping gear has many advantages over heavy gear. My family loves to go car camping every chance that we can get.  Our van is ready to hit the road at a moments notice.

Light Weight Van Camping Gear

We cook our food over a small Gas One lightweight butane stove.  Butane canisters are common and inexpensive.  It’s safe to cook inside the van without burning the van to the ground.

light weight Gas One Mini Stove

Why go light?  Light weight and ultra light weight camping gear gives you a lot of mobility freedom.  We park our van near walk in camp sites and easily move gear to our destination.  We store most of our gear in the van year round in stacking plastic storage bins.

Light Weight Emberlit Wood Burning Stove

The first item that we purchased is the Emberlit light weight wood burning rocket stove.  It weighs less than a pound and does not require the user to carry extra fuel.  We bought the steel stove and in hindsight, I wish I would have bought the titanium stove because it shaves off another 5 ounces.

Free fuel is the big bonus.  I mean if you camping, you should have fuel readily available.  It does have it’s limitations for back packing into areas that have a no open fire restriction in place.  Even though the flame is contained, I think you may get fined for having an open fire.  Check with the Forest Service before you leave.

Light Weight Fishing Gear

Even though I am not a sport fisherman, the idea of catching my own dinner always thrills me.  I enjoy eating fresh fish.  A complete light weight fishing set up weighs less than a pound!  Check out Amazon for amazing deals on light weight fishing gear. I pack several spin casting rods and reels and a Tenkara 2 ounce fly fishing pole.

Merrell Trail Glove Running Shoes

I had a chance to test these shoes during a 6 day back packing trip in the Ansel Adams Wilderness in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  What a treat to hike in lightweight shoes.  I was able navigate the rocky terrain with ease.   Fording streams and climbing rocks was a breeze.  Forget the heavy hiking boots and swap out for lighter shoes.  I have worn regular running shoes for years and have enjoyed hiking without blisters or ankle twists.


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