Double Sleeping Bag


If you're the type of camper that gets cold in the middle of a night, you may want to consider a double sleeping bag. There are two varieties of double sleeping bags. The first variety is two single bags that can be zipped together to make one bag. The other type is one single bag that is double in size. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Many people use double sleeping bags when their children are small because you can squeeze a few kids instead a double sleeping bag along with the adults.

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Do You Need A Double Sleeping Bag?

This is really a good question to assess before you purchase sleeping bags for your family. Many major manufacturers such as the North face and Coleman and make both right and left zippered sleeping bags that will zip together to make a double sleeping bag. Do you and your partner like to snuggle up at night? Then a double sleeping bag would probably suit you.

Double Sleeping Bag Materials

There is no difference in the materials that make up a double sleeping bag compared to a standard single sleeping bag. You might like a soft pajama like flannel lined sleeping bag. They are available. Other double sleeping bags have a zippered or buttoned detachable liner that will keep you warm on cold nights. Most double sleeping bags are made of synthetic materials. There also available in down.

Double Sleeping Bag Benefits

The biggest benefit that people get from a double sleeping bag is the extra warmth created by having another body right next to you. Another added benefit is that they are usually cut more generous than a standard sleeping bag and will allow you more wiggle room. My wife likes to visit two sleeping bags together and sleep with our youngest son. I prefer to sleep solo and not have a little bugger kicking me all night. To each their own.

Unless you plan on never sleeping in a sleeping solo, I would suggest purchasing solo sleeping bags that can be zipped together.  This way you will get all the benefits of having both solo and double sleeping bags.  Additionally, the storage will be much easier as sleeping bags are bulky to store.