Camping French Press Coffee Maker Reviews

french press cofeee

Ask any coffee snob and they’ll tell you that the French-press style of coffee making is the way to roll.  All the flavor of the oils remain in the brew.  After searching dozens of camping French press coffee maker reviews I found several that noteworthy brewers for camping.  The Finnum Tea Infuser and the Snowpeak titanium French press coffee maker are my top choices.

Forget glass and most stainless steel French press coffee brews.  The glass will break and  stainless steel coffee brewers are too bulky.

Are you one of those campers that needs a cup of hot joe to get up and running in the morning? Coffee before food is my motto.


French press brewed coffee is known for it’s superior taste.  The best French presses are made from glass.  I break Bodum’s brewing coffee at home.  How much greater the chance of breaking coffee while camping.

Finnum Infuser Mini French Press Coffee Brewer


best camping coffee makersThe camping  coffee maker that I recommend is the Finum Stainless Steel Tea Infuser.  While it’s not technically a French Press coffee maker, the end result is the same.

I use the Finnum on every camping trip to brew French press style coffee.  I brew it in my own mug.  I press the coffee with a teaspoon when it’s done brewing.  The Finum tea infuser weighs a few ounces.  It cleans super easy when compared to the Bodum French press.  It’s about half the price too.  The best thing about this little gadget is how hot your coffee is when done brewing.  Simply pull the infuser out of your insulated coffee travel mug in 4 minutes and enjoy your coffee.

Snow Peak Titanium French Press Coffee Maker Reviews

snow peak french press coffee maker reviews

What else can I say about a 6.3 ounce featherweight French Press coffee maker?  It’s easy to clean, sort of unbreakable.  It’s going to get dented, as if that matters.  At $55 bucks, it’s less than a months coffee budget at Starbuck’s or Philz Coffee.  REI offers on average 10% back on all purchases.