Anticipating Our 2013 Camping Road Trip


We have been planning our family camping trip to Idaho for months   I have maps, fishing books, and have been reading blogs about cool places to see.

We have all kinds of new gadgets to camp with this including a Stovetec wood campstove.  My wife packed all of our gear in brand new see-through storage bins that we bought at Lowes.

We should be relaxed, yet our entire household is stressed as we make our last minute preparations.

I have made numerous safety upgrades to our van including steering damper, new KYB Gas Adjust shocks, new Michelin tires, and partial rebuilding of all the worn front ends parts.

All the windows in the rear of the van have been limo-tinted.  I installed a new cargo mat for better insulation and noise reduction.

I good design engineer front of our family designed and helped build 2 custom made folding platform beds for the van.

I found 2 brand new bench seats and retrofitted the 4 person bench to fit in the second row making it a 9 passenger van.  We remove the first row that seats 3 people when camping.

While the van will never win any awards for being beautiful, it's functionally amazing.  It's powered by sturdy 4.2 liter v6 that is fuel efficient once it gets going.

In two and a half days, we will be on the road fully loaded for camping.  So many last minute things that we have to get done like baking our home made granola, making yogurt, and starting a batch of ginger ale to brew on the road.

I really enjoy the planning a camping trip.  What I don't enjoy are 2-3 days prior to leaving because there are so many tiny details that have to get completed.  My wife already has 5 pins nearly full and wants to add one more.  Most of the bins return home in near perfect condition because we use less than of the things that we take.



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