Cheap Airstream Trailers For Sale


In your search for a slice of American Vintage camping, shopping for an Airstream Trailer for sale has never been easier.   There are several online resources including eBay which display and endless parade of the finest Airstream trailers ever made.  The journey of deciding what you want in an Airstream will be nearly as much fun as owning one of these magnificent beauties.  Since most of the Airstream trailers ever built since 1932 are on the road, there is no problem finding Airstream trailers on the market be it used or new.  Make no mistake about it, no other travel trailer or RV in the world compares to an Airstream.  Nothing.

5 Reasons To Look For An Airstream Trailer

Aerodynamic Design
Airstream trailers are known to get up to 20% better fuel economy than standard box trailers.

Best Safety Design In It’s Class

These trailers have a very low center of gravity combined with independent torsion axle to give superior handling.

Many Airstream trailers are over a half century old and are still on the road. In comparison, the standard garden variety trailer’s typical life is all of of 15 years. When you calculate the purchase price over the actual length of ownership an Airstream be less expensive less to own than other trailers.  Did you know that 70% of all Airstreams are still traveling the roads of the world today?

Highest Resale Value Of Any Trailer

While Airstream trailers do not exactly appreciate in value like a home, they maintain a very high resale value that never gets lower than a certain dollar amount.

Unique Community

If you travel anywhere in the country and come across any Airstream owner, you will as if you have known them forever.  It’s like a “secret” society without being secret.  Even if you don’t own an Airstream trailer, you will feel welcomed by all Airstreamers.

Reason Why Looking For A Newer Airstream Trailer For Sale Is A Better Choice-New verses used Airstream trailers

New is a relative term with Airstream.  Back in 1981 the design was changed to be more efficient in terms of real estate space.  Over the years the shape and width of Airstreams has changed.  Older Airstreams are narrower and have a more rounded shape, thus reducing interior volume.  In 1981 Airstream began to produce wider bodied trailers, increasing widths from 96″ to 102″ wide.  In general, older Airstreams are also lighter weight, although beginning in 2008 the new Sport Editions are designed with an eye towards weight reduction.  If you are looking for more real estate space in your Airstream trailer, then stick with “newer” models.  I almost laugh when I talk about a new Airstream being 31 years old!  Most other travel trailers have long since retired after 30 years.  Not so with Airstream!