5 gallon stainless steel water container

Dinuba 5 gallon stainless steel water container

We carry at least one 5 gallon stainless steel water container for drinking and cooking on car camping trips.  Stainless steel water containers are proven to keep your water better tasting, free of plastic toxins, and leak free.

Don’t let hazardous plastic chemicals from water storage containers leach into your drinking water.  You don’t need a scientific report telling you that the water you are drinking from a plastic container is bad for you.  Smell after the water has sat in your hot vehicle for hours!

Why carry a large amount of water? In the short term, water is more important for maintaining health than food.  The human body goes days if not weeks without food.  Try going a few days without water and you will get the point.  The human body can only go a few days without water before serious damage starts happening.

Dinuba Stainless Steel 5 Gallon Jerry Water Container

This the most amazing 5 gallon water container that I have ever seen.  It’s essentially a high end Jerry Can for water storage.  Dinuba quality that lasts a life time. Click here or on the picture below to order stainless steel Jerry Can from Amazon.  

5 gallon jerry stainless steel water container

For camping trips, stainless water jug are a “must have” item. Most campsites have chlorinated potable water.  No problem when you carry a portable water filter. 

3 Reasons Why You Need A Stainless Steel Water Container

  1. Stainless steel water containers are the best solution for water storage as most plastic water dispensers contain toxic compounds like BPA and other harmful chemicals.   We ditched every reusable plastic water bottle in the house and replaced them with stainless steel Kleen Kanteens.
  2. Saves money over purchasing bottle water.  We fill our water storage container at local grocery stores and water stores for about thirty cents a gallon.
  3. Having fresh drinking water will help sustain you in emergency situations.  5 gallons of fresh water may save your life in an emergency.

Stainless Steel Water Jug Amazon Customer Reviews

After reading the reviews on Amazon, I purchased the  25 liter stainless Dinuba steel water jug made my Dinuba.  This water jug is absolutely gorgeous.  It reminds me of those old fashioned milk storage containers that I used to see on my uncle’s dairy farm in Southern Minnesota. 

6 gallon stainless steel water dispenser
Click here to order from Amazon

It’s made from polished 18/20 stainless that is so shiny that you can  almost use it for a mirror.  It has two handles with plastic finger grips for lifting it.  No more break your back when turning the plastic water bottles upside after refilling it.  This jug is both a container and dispenser.  Click on the image below to see the product at Amazon and read the reviews.

Click here to see all the stainless steel water dispensers at Amazon.

An addition benefit that we discovered was is water tastes slightly cooler from the Dinuba stainless water jug than from the 5 gallon plastic water jug.

This stainless steel water jug really paid off for us while staying in a remote cabin in the Shasta Trinity National Forest in California for 4 days.  The cabin had running water that the forest service deemed not potable.  I purified the water with a Sawyer water filtration systems to fill our 25 liter stainless steel water jug. 

15 Liter Stainless Steel Water Container

Look at the  Dinuba 15 liter stainless steel water dispenser if the 6 gallon unit seems too large.  The 4 gallon dispenser is easier to use than the larger 6 gallon container.


My Dinuba Stainless Steel Water Jug  Amazon Review

“Our family purchased this stainless water jug to replace a 2 gallon ceramic water dispenser that we use at home. We were tired of always having to fill it with water from a 5 gallon plastic water jug. Additionally, I did not like filling up 5 gallon plastic water jugs with purified water. Why put pure water in a toxic container? I know that the label says BPA free. What about all the other chemicals?

With a stainless steel water dispenser, there are no worries. The water always tastes fresh and clean. My wife commented that it tastes slightly cooler than water than came out of a plastic water dispenser.

This unit comes with two welded stainless steel carrying handles.  Brilliant!

Benefit number 2 is that you do not have to empty it into a dispenser as it is already a dispenser. Every home should have one of these.

I highly recommend this water dispenser. It will last a life time. It’s beautiful and looks great in your home as water dispenser.”

**We recently purchased the Big Berkey Stainless Steel water filtration system.  It doubles as both storage and water filter.  For more information, ready my Big Berkey Gravity Fed Water Filter Review.  I am working on retrofitting the Big Berkey to fit on the Dunuba water container.  Berkey water filters easily tip over while driving.  The Dinuba has never leaked on a camping trip.

For on the go activities, we drink water out of refillable Klean Kanteen stainless steel water bottles.  These are easy to fill, clean, and store.  Clean and green for the environment.  Plastic water bottles are such a waste.  Fill them up with the Dinuba for the freshest tasting bottled water.

klean kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle Widemouth





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