How To Find Amazing Wild Huckleberry Picking In Oregon


wild huckleberry pickingThis is a long awaited for post on wild huckleberry picking in Oregon.  I hesitate to give out all the details to the exact location as it’s like giving out your best fishing spot.

Needless to say, there is wild huckleberry picking all over Oregon in the months of August and September.  I use my portable GPS and head for mountainous area at approximately 5000 feet.  The only reason I use this  number is because every time that we camp at 5000 feet, we seem to run into huckleberries in Oregon.

huckleberries for breakfast

Wild Huckleberry Picking At Huckleberry Campground, Oregon

We discovered Huckleberry mountain a few years when I was reading some off the beaten trails camping book. I don’t even remember the name of the book.  Last year after visiting Crater Lake National Park, I passed a sign that said “Huckleberry Mountain CC“.  I did a quick u turn and started driving up a narrow gravel road. 

Huckleberry mountain dispersed camping

It’s a good thing that my beautiful wife was fast asleep.  She does not like narrow gravel roads that drive up mountains.  I was starting to get a little nervous to as it was a one lane road.   It took nearly 30 minutes to make the 6 miles up the road. 

privy at huckleberry mountian

When we arrived, we knew we had found huckleberry Nirvana.  I have never in my life seen so many wild berries in one spot.  Everywhere that you  looked were huckleberries.  You could literally sit on the ground and eat your breakfast.  We picked and ate huckleberries all day.  We picked approximately 12 quarts of these delicious berries. 

wild huckleberry bushes

I was able to freeze several quarts and we ate them throughout the fall of a reminder of God’s provision to us.

Directions To Huckleberry Mountain Campground

From Prospect, OR, travel north along Highway 62 about 6 miles and turn right onto Forest Road 60. Continue along Forest Road 60 about 12 miles to Huckleberry Campground.Foraging for our food has been a big thing for us.  We are learning new survival skills daily.  We plan on visiting many more berry picking places this summer.

huckleberries, granola, and yogurt

Google or Apple maps will get your to the campground.  It’s not marked very well once you make the turn on the gravel road.  I stopped twice and asked people driving down for directions.  It is worth the drive.  I drive from California to Oregon just for wild huckleberry picking.  The camping is free too!  There is a fresh deep well pump and clean outhouses.

Benchmark Road atlases are useful for navigating remote areas as they show back roads in National Forest and BLM.  You will find Huckleberry Campground in the atlas.  Amazon sells them brand new or used at discount prices.

wild huckleberry bush

bathing at huckleberry campground


    • Huckleberry pickers in the west never give their exact locations for picking berries. I find them at elevations of 5000 or greater. The berries like to grow in disturbed soil such as a logging area or where power lines are built.

  1. “If you want to know the exact location, sign up for the updates and I will make sure that you get directions and how to find this place. It’s not marked very well. I stopped twice and asked people driving down for directions. It is worth the drive. I would drive from California to Oregon just for wild huckleberry picking. The camping is free too! There is a fresh deep well pump and clean outhouses.”

    Well, this is what it said and I signed up for updates. So why not the location for Huckleberry picking?

    • Michael, Google Huckleberry Campground in Oregon. It’s a national forest campground located near Crater Lake National Park. I will find the forest road number and post it. Lost Lake Campground in Oregon in the Hood River region has the most huckleberries that I have ever seen.

  2. I signed up and subscribed. Please share information on camping and huckleberry picking. I would love to take my kids camping and have them pick some berries.

    Thank You.

    • Wild huckleberry picking is easier than most people think. I use a GPS and usually find wild huckleberries at 5000 feet or above in Oregon. In Washington state, we found them at lower elevation.

      Huckleberry Campground located near Crater Lake abounds with wild huckleberries. We picked there in early August and the berries were ripe and almost over picked. Huckleberry campground is located right off highway 62 (Crater Lake Highway). Here are the national forest service direction: Travel north from Prospect along Highway 62 about 6 miles and turn right onto Forest Road 60. Continue along Forest Road 60 about 12 miles to Huckleberry Campground.

      I think it’s much less than 12 miles. It’s more like 3 or 4 miles to campground from the paved road.

  3. “Call a place “Paradise” and kiss it goodby.” Huckleberry Mountain ought to a clue, right. Not hard to GPS that. If you go sometime pay attention to the depth of ash soils piled on H-B Mtn. From the Mt. Mazama eruption 7000+ years ago. Yes people lived there then and were buried by that event I’m sure. Huckleberries now flower and fruit on their rich graves.

    • Ron, it’s a good thing that huckleberries are found all over Oregon. We camped near Mount Adams in Washington State and the area is filled with folks selling wild berries for a profit. Nothing wrong with profit, but it appeared a little more dangerous than picking berries in Oregon as some peeps seemed a little “over protective” of their picking areas.


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