Top 6 Camping Gifts For Guys 2017

red kantean travel coffee mug

Ladies, looking for the perfect camping gift for the outdoor man in your life? I have created a top 6 camping gifts for guys from Amazon and REI.  My wife commandeers all my cool camping gadgets. I love my wife and she really  does give me amazing gifts like cast iron skillets and lightweight solo cook kits that uses as much as I do.

Most of the people that I have met on the trail are both budget and quality minded. Outdoors folks search for the best equipment at the lowest price.  

Klean Kantean Insulated Coffee Mug $30

red kantean travel coffee mugThe Klean Kantean 16 oz insulated coffee coffee mug is one of the top picks for Christmas gifts.  I picked a mug for my wife and myself.  Keeps coffee hot for 6 hours and will not leak or spill as long as you cafe' cap is in the off position.

I throw this into my backpack and carry it to drink fresh hot coffee.  It's piping hot after 2 hours.

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Luci Lite LED Solar Camping Lantern $12

Luci Lite LED lantern is my favorite gift at $15. The reviews are great and it's a number 1 Luci LED Lanternbestseller at Amazon. Both car campers and ultralight backpackers will love this.  I can easily hang this inside our camping van or tent.  

It packs flat and inflates in seconds.  No need for batteries as it's solar powered.

I cannot tell you how many times that I have woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and have not been able to find my flashlight because it rolled under my sleeping bag or jacket. 

This one larger than a typical flashlight and will not get lost as easy.  For $12, it's near "Throw Down" price.

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Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool $25

leatherman_wingman_,multi_toolWe own several Leatherman Multi-Tools.  I keep my knifes out of reach of my wife whenever possible because she borrows them and never returns. 

I use the pliers more than the knife because it's so useful.  My Leatherman stays on my computer desk at home as it's my go to tool for quick repairs.

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Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System $19.99


One of the coolest survival gadgets on the market this year is the Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System. For less than $25, you can take this any camping or backpacking trip and be almost guaranteed to have clean water as its rated to filter over 100,000 gallons water. This .1 ยต filter removes protozoa and bacteria.  You clean the unit by back washing it with potable or tap water.


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Lifestraw's Personal water filter is nearly as good but only filters a few hundred gallons of water.  It's basically a straw with a water filter.  I'll take the Sawyer.


Gerber Folding Mini Paraframe Folding Knife $7.97

gerber-folding-mini-paraframe-knifeHow about a Gerber folding mini paraframe pocket knife for $10 bucks? Most outdoors type guys love knifes.  I own several knifes and like having one in my pocket and backpack all the time.  We like sharp knives to use on our camping trips in this one fits the bill because it's inexpensive enough for everyone in her family to own one.  I like having a knife in my day pack, pocket, and car.  Knifes are like money-you can never have enough.

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Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Emergency Fire Starter $8

gerber-fire-starterThe Gerber Bear Grylls is an essential survival item for cooking food and keeping warm.  At under $10, it's a steal.

There you have it-click on over to REI or Amazon for top camping gifts for guys.
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