The Key To Finding A Sleeping Bag That Keeps You Warm


syntheticrectangularsleepingbagI want to be point blank with you and tell you that in order to get a good night’s rest while camping you need a high quality sleeping bag, outstanding sleeping pad or air mattress, and a shelter that keeps the elements of nature locked outside. In my 40 plus years of camping I have slept on everything from heavy flannel sleeping bags to expensive light weight down sleeping bags.

Down Sleeping Bags Verses Synthetic Sleeping Bags

The so called experts will always tell you that you should not buy a down bag because it will you will get cold when it gets wet.  I have never had a wet night camping inside my tent.  It’s never been an issue for me and it should  not  be an issue for you.  Synthetic sleeping bags are great for people that go on river rafting trips and back packers.  You have to be concerned about the bag staying dry while you are transporting it from one campsite to the next.  If you do mostly car camping, then a down bag will keep you much warmer, is lighter, and will last a life time.

How To Choose A Sleeping Bag That Is Right For You

Forget all the rubbish that read from the manufactures and slick marketing pages from large vendors because they are interested in making a profit (I get commissions too).  They will give you slick comparison charts and tell you within a tenth of a degree the comfort rating of that particular sleeping bag.  In my experience, it should be called the “misery rating” because when the mercury drops to 20 degrees, you will be miserable and not be able to sleep a wink.

A good sleeping bag is like a fine bottle of wine.  If a bottle of Two Buck Chuck that sells for $1.99 tastes like the best wine on Earth, then keep on drinking it.  Likewise, why spend outrageous amounts on a sleeping bag if an inexpensive one will keep you warm and dry?  But what is best for you and don’t get hung up on fancy advertising and high prices.  Sleeping bags are not fashion statements like a Louis Vuitton hand bag.  There are plenty of inexpensive and light weight bags that sell for less than $200 and will keep you warm and dry.

Where To Find High Quality Sleeping Bags For Dirt Cheap

I bought my wife a 0 degree goose down sleeping bag 3 years ago from L.L. Bean.  I  read reviews online from other users.  The one that caught my attention was from a girl  that bought an L.L. Bean down bag at a garage sale for about $20.  After using it for something like 10 years, the zipper failed on her and she contacted L.L. Bean and received a brand new replacement sleeping bag at no cost.  L.L. Bean guarantees your satisfaction for the life time of the product.  After reading the review, I went to the L.L. Bean website and found a rectangular zero degree down sleeping bag that weighs less than 4 pounds for $200 delivered to my door.  My wife stays toasty warm inside this bag as long as she remembers to zip it up.
For those of you that are nay sayers of down bags, then you can have your cake and eat it too because L.L. Beans sells a synthetic version of the sleeping bag that is nearly as light for less money.  The only reason I did not choose the synthetic bag is because I know that a down sleeping bag will outlast most synthetic bags.  I have been using the same Western Mountaineering 25 degree  Alder semi-rectangular down sleeping bag for over 20 years and it still keeps me toasty warm.   Western Mountaineering makes equipment for avid back packers.

llbeangoosedownsleepingbagClick here to learn more about L.L. Bean goose down and synthetic camping bags.