The Best Camping Coffee Makers

best camping coffee makers

The best camping coffee makers are simple 1 cup devices. When it comes to drinking coffee while camping, I always enjoy making a fresh cup of joe.  For most people that drink coffee just for the caffeine content, it’s an easy task. But for the coffee aficionado crowd, it’s a work of art that takes some serious time to master.  Thus, we all have the need for the best coffee maker for camping.

Finum Brewing Basket

I searched for years for the perfect light weight camping coffee maker that will make a brew just as good as a French Press coffee maker.  We own 2 Finum’s tea infusers  The resulting brew is just as good as French press coffee.

Serious coffee drinkers require fresh ground and roasted coffee along with a superior brewing method.

Melitta Ready Set Joe

melitta single serve coffee makerOne my favorite ways of brewing coffee is with the Melitta Ready Set Joe cone drip system.

The plastic is indestructable and easy to wash. Over all, it’s hard to beat this little coffee maker for home use and on camping trips.  I carried one of these to the Philippines, back packing in the Sierras, and car camping all over the West coast.  It has never failed me.


Teavana Single Serving Tea Infuser

finned coffee infuserThe Finnum tea and coffee infuser is nearly identical to the MSR Mugmate that sells for twice as much!  It weighs only a few ounces.  While it is designed for brewing tea, it is a kick-ass coffee brewer.  You can clean it by tapping it gently against a tree or just dig out the grounds with spoon and rinse it out.

I am not the only one searching for an easier way to make French press style coffee without a glass carafe.  The reviews are good.  I am ordering one today and will let you know how it works.  I am very optimistic.  This stainless steel tea infuser is supposed to be easy to clean and that is key to me.

Bodum Double-Wall Stainless Steel 0.45 Liter Travel Coffee and Tea Press

I bought this for my camping trip last summer from Amazon and it does work well as a French Press coffee maker.  My biggest complaint is that not all the coffee comes out when I pour it into my drinking cup.  There is usually an ounce or remaining in the bottom.  It’s also seriously heavy-at least a pound.  Takes up too much real estate space for my liking.

If you don’t mind the heavy weight and wasting a few ounces of coffee, then this brewer will do an adequate job.

Use A Manual Coffee Grinder To Brew Better Than Most Coffee Houses

If you really like the taste of coffee, then consider bringing a manual burr coffee grinder for the ultimate in fresh taste.  I have been lugging a small Zassenhaus manual burr coffee grinder for years.  It’s as solid as a German tank and always give me an even grind of coffee.


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