How To Keep Your Stealth Van Cool


Keeping your stealth van cool during the summer is easily accomplished using inexpensive insulation and simple ventilation.  I easily deal with cold weather.  Hot temperatures are harder to combat.    

Leaving your windows open seems like a great idea until mosquitoes and other bugs make entry into your vehicle.

3 Simple Ideas To Keep Your Stealth Van Cool

A friend suggested running the vehicle fan because it’s a 12 volt low amp fan.  I need to look into this as I already own the fan and the vehicle.

I contemplated installing an overhead roof fan, but really did not want to fork out another $300. Our van is old. But $300 here and there adds up fast on a van that cost us $1000. I found this great fan that is made for RVS. It’s quite and it really blows a breeze.

The first time that we slept in our van, we did not have a fan to cool off the inside. What we really needed was a roof fan. We bought the van the same day that we were leaving, so we did not have time any type of portable electric fan.

Another option that works nearly as good as the roof vent/fan is the portable Endless Breeze by Fan-Tastic Vent will keep your vehicle cool while it’s parked as long as you leave a window cracked.


The reviews are off the hook for the Fan-Tastic Endless Breeze. This unit is portable and can be moved anywhere there is power. People move it from one end of the van to another. You can take it in and out of vehicles. If you have an adapter, it makes a good fan to use at home.

It’s quite and is going to last for years.  Full time RVers use this fan.  You may want to look on Craigslist for a used or free one.  It sure beats sleeping in a hot van.


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