Portable Solar Power Generator


Harnessing free solar power with a solar power generator is getting cheaper.  Bionenno Power sells a 20 ah lithium ion power pack for $205 that connects directly to matching 28 watt solar panel, AC outlet, or your 12 volt cigarette power plug. $305 buys a portable solar power generator that runs your laptop, smart phone, or a small fridge freezer.

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Bioenno Power BPP-120 is a portable solar power source is charges through AC outlet, 12 V cigarette plug, or solar panels. Bioenno’s impressive power system uses a lightweight lithium iron battery that weight just 3.6 pounds.

Bioenno Power BPP-120 Solar Power Generator

You can make your own solar power generator by Combing the BPP-120 power pack and BSP-28 model 28 Watt Foldable Solar Panel.

Bienno Solar Power Generator

For about $329, this combination provides enough energy to power your laptop, tablets, or or small LCD TV. 

How To Use The Bioenno Power BPP-120 As Your House Battery

Daisy chaining 3 of these units provides a whopping 60 amp hours of power.  This is enough power for a small ARB fridge freezer to run all night long and still have enough power in the morning for running your laptop computer.

The Bioenno Power BPP-120 acts a your “house” battery inside and outside your vehicle powering all your gadgets. If you run the battery until it dies, there is little harm, as lithium batteries are more robust than their lead-acid battery counter parts.

Bienno LiPo Batteries Last Almost Twice As Long As Other Power Packs

Compared to common lead-acid batteries found in other solar generators, the LiFePO4 will last twice as long (10 years vs. 3-5, 1000+ power cycles vs. 500) and is three times lighter!

Bioenno Power BPP-120 weighs less than 4 pounds and easily slips into your backpack for power anywhere you go.  Add the optional 28 W solar panels and you can camp in style all weekend without draining your vehicle battery.

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28 watt folding solar panel



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