Sleeping Bag Liner


Looking for a way to add extra warmth for your sleeping bag Asilksleepingbagliner without spending a lot of money?  sleeping bag liner will add enough comfort to keep you warm when the nights are too chilly.  Pay closer attention to your comfort needs than what is posted on the rating of your sleeping bag and liner.  Most liners advertise that they will keep you an extra 10 degrees warmer.  I would start looking for Santa Claus if you believe in this type of marketing.  Yes, they do add extra warmth that is dependent on your body type and needs.  If you get cold, then you need extra warmth.  Liners come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate the myriad of different sleeping bag designs.  You can choose between synthetic and natural fibers.

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4 Different Fabric Types For Sleeping Bag Liners

Silk liners are very light weight and  comfortable.  If you are into natural fibers, silk will provide you with a luxurious sleep.

Fleece.  Fleece is probably the most comfortable.  However, it comes at a cost by adding extra weight and bulk.  Fleece is a furry synthetic material.

Cotton Flannel.  The checkered flannel liners are not as common.  I like them because they are made of cotton.  Very comfortable and bulky.

Coolmax polyester.  This type of material is both lightweight and comfortable.  It dries fast and will keep you comfortable in and out of the sleeping bag.  Coolmax feels as soft as cotton and will absorb moisture to wick it away from your body.

Benefits Of Sleeping Bag Liners

Sleeping bag liners are another alternative to purchasing an additional sleeping bag for winter or summer camping.  They can be used as a stand alone sleeping system on nights when it’s too hot to climb into a bag.  For late fall campers, a liner will provide the extra warmth needed to stay comfortable through out the night.  I like the feeling of cloth between myself and the nylon shell of a sleeping bag.  It makes my sleeping bag feel more like a real bed.

How To Choose A Sleeping Bag Liner

If extra space is a luxury on your camping  trip, I would go with a silk sleeping bag liner as a good quality  one will add an additional 5-6 ounces and will have the ability to keep you warmer and sleep more comfortable.  If you are camping in an RV and want both comfort and warmth, go with the bulky fleece or flannel liners.   For high adventure campers that are seeking an ultra light weight sleeping bag, a 5 ounce silk liner will work.

Not only are sleeping bag liners great for inserting inside your sleeping bag, they are perfect for hot weather camping when you would be roasting in a traditional down or synthetic bag.  Liners are like having pajamas for your sleeping bag.