How To Simplify Your Camping Trip


family camping vanWelcome to Campwardbound.  I built this site to help you other families simplify their camping and travel experiences.  We camp primarily in our 1998 Ford stealth van that we dubbed "The Ice Box".

If you want to know more about how to camp in a van, I got you covered.  If you have concerns about tent camping, I still tent camp.  We know how to put together a quick camp kitchen and some of the most efficient ways to cook camp food.

I know that something as routine as a day trip to the park can be chaotic with all the things that we think that we need.  Coolers, food, chairs, and other gear tend to pile up and add to the mess.

If you are looking for simple tips on packing, camping meals, or how to plan your first camping trip I can help.

If you need one on one help with planning your camping trip or asking advice about gear, you can email me at and I will respond.

I camped with my parents as a kid and that is a separate topic in itself.  I can write a book of what not to do or bring on family camping trips.

Things have changed.  Mom and dad camp in a giant diesel motor home and my family camps in lightweight tent or inside our old van.


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