Are You Prepared For The Next Emergency


Let's face it, not one of us are fully prepared for an emergency like hurricane Sandy that just ripped through the east coast of the United States.   Many people have completely forgotten Hurricane Katrina that devastated the Gulf Coast in 2005.   New Orleans is still a popular traveling destination for tourists despite the fact that many people are permanently displaced.  There may be  a worse storm brewing that is nearly invisible to see or forecast and is waiting to pounce on us.  It could be the biggest earth quake or storm that has hit the world so far with the  exception of the great flood.  When it hits, you will wish that you were on the beach watching Hurricane Sandy or Katrina.  Do you have a basic first aid kit, water storage, water filtration, food, portable stove, flash lights, radio, etc. ready to go?  What happens if you are ordered out of your house?  It's time to start preparing so  you will not have prepare on the day that you have to leave or hunker down where you  live.

It will just depress you when you think about how unprepared we all are for emergencies.  So I don't dwell on that but rather on what I can do in my own little way. Our spouses and relatives might not all be on board yet, but we still can do our part as mommies who want to be more prepared  for the children's sake. We've lived full lives but our kids have just started theirs so I am going to give it my best shot in helping them survive hard times, with or without help from others. If single moms and single dads can do it, we can to.

It seems like a daunting endeavor to prep for survival but I know though that I can prepare even just a little bit more here and there with our meager resources . A little everyday. Sell stuff around the house that you don't need to make a little extra cash. Polish those homesteading skills. Educate your kids on these life skills by incorporating them into your lessons.

Because our family is always getting ready for the next camping trip, we are somewhat prepared.  We have extra sleeping bags, tents, jackets, water filters, and survival gear.

Start Your Emergency Prepping With Easy To Do Things

A little baby step at a time in emergency preparedness brings you one step ahead than where you were.  Each time you add a little thing to your emergency preparedness plan, you're giving yourself another fighting chance.  We purchased a Big Berkey gravity fed water purification system with 4 extra filters.  This allows us to filter over 10,000 gallons of water.  We have flashlights hanging on our door and ready to go.  We have several

Our emergency bug out bags  need to be updated cuz we've borrowed things like flash lights here and there for our camping. Things are all over the house. Need to consolidate stuff. That's a good place to start, with our emergency backpacks. One you have ready to grab on short notice .

We highly recommend a good Water filter too like the Berkey. Water storage containers. Fill up a couple in your garage or patios with water.  You can't live without water for too long. You can even buy those bathtub size bladder ones. I want to get one. You fill it up quickly while the water is still running:


Extra food in your pantry. Cutoff this month for azure standard is Thursday. Consider chia seeds. Might be expensive but it's a super food. Probably the best natural emergency food. We have it in our emergency food bucket to take with. It goes a long long way.

See the following article in

James Rawles Interview On Prison Planet

Just like James Rawles said at that radio interview at the end of that link I sent you a couple weeks ago,  it is my prayer that we will all be at the right place at the right time when things unravel.  It may be in our homes or out of town.  Hope you listen to the full interview.

"A prudent man forseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished."Proverbs 22:3 and Proverbs 27:12 KJV

This quote from the article below just sums it up for me. Just hopin and prayin for a little more time

"The average person in every nation on the face of the earth knows the meltdown is coming. The wealthy people know it. The poor people know it. Nobody wants it to happen. But almost everyone is just patiently waiting for it to begin and at the same time hoping that it doesn't begin too soon."


  1. Disaster-preparedness is the most important thing to do in order to be always ready and prepared for whatever hazards will come our way. Hurricane Sandy was one great lesson for us. Thanks for sharing this great post!


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