nemodagger3p back packing tent

After completing a five day backpacking trip to the Ansel Adams wilderness with my two boys here is my unbiased Nemo Dagger 3 person tent review.

I purchased the tent site unseen directly from Nemo because my planned trip was a week away and I needed a tent.  The folks at Nemo develop functional products they enjoy using.  I own 2 Nemo Cosmos air camping air mattresses and am impressed with their quality.  The Nemo Dagger 3P tent is a perfect compliment to my sleeping arsenal.

The Dagger 3P tent arrived on schedule and I had my two boys set up the tent in our backyard without reading the directions. My 15-year-old son said it was one of the nicest tents that he has ever set up.  Like myself, he liked the pole design as all poles are connected making it a 1 pole tent.

nemo dagger 3p

I chose the Nemo Dagger 3 person tent because I wanted a fully waterproof tent with bathtub walls. Rain only concerns me when my tent leaks.  I rarely camp in the rain, but when it does rain, I want a tent that stays dry when the weather does go sour.

Nemo Dagger 3 Person Tent Design

Nemo Dagger 3 Person Tent Design

The Nemo Dagger includes twin vestibules with zippered doors. This allows everyone to have plenty of space to store their gear. Additionally, you don't have to climb over each other in the middle of the night when you have to relieve yourself.

Set up time on the Nemo Dagger 3 person tent is a breeze. The Nemo Dagger 3 P uses something called Jake's feet plastic connectors attached to the tent body corners. The poles have ball ends that fit into the sockets in the plastic corners.  This keeps the poles in place without popping out while the connecting the corners.

My big concern is when or if you break one of the plastic Jake's Feet while on the trail. Nemo does sell spare Jake's Feet. Wish they would've included some spares with the tent.

The tent is solidly built all around.  It has a single pole system that branches out into an ā€œIā€ shape allowing the whole tent goes together without hassle.

You can get all the technical information from Nemo's website or at REI.   I purchased this tent because it really has everything that I wanted in a lightweight backpacking tent. It weighs a little more than 4 pounds including all the stakes and footprint. Don't confuse yourself with minimum weights posted on websites. I mean, how often do you leave items like tent stakes and storage bag at home? The packaged weight is the real deal.

nemo 3 p tent on the trail

Nemo Dagger 3 Person Tent Comparison To REI Quarter Dome 3

My good friend packed the REI quarter Dome 3 that I have used in the past and I consider both these tens fantastic. I can't really say that I like one over the other. The Nemo Dagger seems slightly easier to set up. The dome three using grommets to secure the poles and I tend to like that design better because in my 30+ years of camping I have never had a grommet go bad on me.

With both tents set up side-by-side the Nemo Dagger 3 person tent looks a little cooler. I like the funky green color in larger two vestibules.

As far as comfort goes, the three of us slept soundly. I have two teenage boys that take up nearly as much room as adults. Three adults could sleep in the Nemo 3 person Dagger, but maybe a little tight. I like my personal space if I'm sleeping with other guys. Since his tent does have two doors, it would work fine with three people. Even better with two people.


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