Multi Fuel Camping Stoves

coleman multi fuel camping stoves

Comparing multi fuel camping stoves verses single fuel camping stoves?  Whether you are a car camper, back packer, outdoor enthusiast, multi fuel camping stoves have a place in your repertoire of camping equipment.  

Multi fuel stoves at least 2 of the following fuels: gasoline, white gas, propane, kerosene, or diesel.

For back packing, I favor the light weight 2 1/2 ounce Soto Windmaster stove utilizing butane canisters.  I ditched white gas stoves because the newer canister stoves are super light, and turn on instantly.  White gas takes more time to light and in my opinion, is more of a hassle at higher elevations.

soto windmaster stove review

When it comes to favorites for family car camping, I like the old standard Coleman multi fuel stove.  It burns white gas, unleaded fuel, and propane fuel with the Stansport propane adapter.

My parents always carried the traditional green two burner white gas camping stove on every trip that we went on. When I eventually had two children of my own I purchased a vintage green Coleman camping stove for making tasty camping meals.

For a low-tech piece of equipment the stoves are amazing and will last a lifetime if taken care of properly.

Why Coleman Multi Fuel Camping Stove Is Your Best Bet  

  1. Burns unleaded gasoline.
  2. Runs on white gas.
  3. Ability to use propane gas with an after market green gas canister adapter. 

Today, Coleman offers a wide variety of stoves including propane, multi fuel (dual fuel), white gas, and light weight backpacking stoves. Coleman is a household name for family camping equipment across the globe.  

The Coleman Dual Fuel Camping Stove is the most versatile stove that I own because it burns white gas, unleaded fuel, and propane. 

5 Reasons Why Multi Fuel Camping Stoves Are Your Best Emergency Stove

Multi fuels stoves burn 2 or more of the following fuel:

  1. Gasoline
  2. Kerosene
  3. Diesel fuel
  4. Alcohol
  5. Propane

In other words, in an ideal world, you should be able to find fuel for this type of stove.  A multi-fuel camping stove is one that will burn many varieties of fuels including gasoline, diesel fuel, and  kerosene.  When you buy this type, you are getting something that will  do a good job no matter what you use.  However, don't expect perfection as it's made with wide tolerances to accept a variety of fuels. 

The MSR XGK is one of the few stoves that burn all 4 fuels.  This is the perfect "bug out" stove because it's light weight and be stuffed inside your jacket.

White Gas Camp Stoves

The Coleman two burner compact stove is their benchmark model that is famous in a scene in nearly every campground in the United States. It's a classic. If you read the consumer reviews in Amazon you will see that many people have been using the same stove for over 20 years.  Since Coleman offers the dual fuel stove, I see no benefit buying the single fuel stove.

Buy the Coleman multi fuel camping stove  because it's the most versatile stove on the planet.




  1. I think I just may have found the world’s best bugout/survival stove ever! While not the absolute cheapest; it is not the most expensive I’ve seen, either. It’s called the Biolite Campstove, and uses twigs to make an amazing cooking fire and charge up your cellphone, smartphone, mp3 player rechargeable batteries, or anything of that nature, in just one hour! Because it uses “solid fuel” only, you should never use without adequate ventilation. I bought this for my Christmas present, and can’t wait to try it out on my next camping trip! I am happy to supply more details about this amazing device.

    • Arlene, thanks for the info about the biolite stove. You will get plenty of chances for using it when we go to Kings Canyon.


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