Making Family Camping Trips Fun

Help and advice for making family camping trips fun and easy

My goal is to assist you in making family camping trips fun and pain free.

I will help you take away some of the burdens of camping like choosing sleeping bags that keep you warm, choosing camp sites that are kid friendly, and how to cook super delicious meals on your camping trips.

You may have arrived because you are looking at how to start camping. Maybe you are a seasoned vet looking for more advanced help in picking out equipment. I don’t pretend to know everything about camping. I constantly scour other sights like The Expedition Portal for the most advanced information on camping.

Top 5 Best Foods For Camping

  1. Peanut butter, almond butter, or any nut butter.
  2. Apples, grapes, and oranges-fruits store well for days.
  3. Eggs don’t have to be refrigerated if consumed within a few weeks.
  4. Romaine hearts are more robust than leaf lettuce and can last for several days.
  5. Hard cheeses are great as a snack, tossed in salad, or melted over a main dish.

The best things about these foods is that they can be eaten on the go and don’t have to be refrigerated.  Keep them cool and all of them will last.

How To Make It Fun To Enlist Your Kids As Helpers

Always give your children a task even if it slows you down. Little ones like to help carry tent stakes, wash fruit, or carry gear.

How To Take The Pain Out Of Washing Dishes

We don’t use a lot of disposable products as they are costly and not as good for the environment as washing your own dishes and cutlery. Use three nesting basins for washing dishes. Use one for the pre-wash, the second to wash your dishes, and the last to rinse the dishes. After the dishes are rinsed, empty the first two basins and put the rinsed dishes in them for drying.

How To Pack For A Camping Trip

Packing for a car camping trip does not have to be a big chore. Come up with a camping check list that is specific to you and your family and stick to it. After so many years of camping, I have come up with my top 10 items to take on a camping trip. This is the bare bone essentials. Less is better than more on a camping trip because clutter tends to take the fun out of a trip.

Top 10 Items To Take On A Camping Trip

  1. LL Bean 20 degree down sleeping bag.  Keeps you warm even below freezing.
  2. Insulted Nemo air mattress.  Keeps you warm underneath and keeps the cold from creeping inside.
  3. Coleman dual fuel camping stove.  Make amazing meals with a dual burner, dual fuel stove.
  4. Cast iron griddle.  These griddles will make everything from steak and eggs to tortillas and pancakes.
  5. Pearl Izumi Skull cap.  Keeps your head warm and stuffs in your pocked.
  6. Nike insulated running gloves.  Keeps your fingers warm.
  7. Darcy LED flash light.  Best flashlights for finding your way to the bathroom or locating lost items.
  8. Down jacket.  Keeps your body warm and packs super small.
  9. MSR Water bag.  Stores and dispenses drinking water all day.  Does not leak!
  10. Berkley gravity fed water filter.  Makes clean drinking water from virtually any water sources.  Keeps you hydrated.  Works as a water filtration unit and dispenser.

How To Make Easy Meals That Can Be Eaten Minutes After Your Arrive At Your Campsite

If you like to eat your meals within a few minutes after arriving at your camp, a simple cast iron skillet does wonders. We cook up hamburgers, omelettes, steak, lamb, chili, and potatoes in our cast iron skillet.

Another trick that we learned is cooking meals in a pressure cooker. I can make chili con carne in 30 minutes or less starting with dried beans. Sometimes we pressure cook our meal at lunch time in our pressure cooker and wrap it with insulated Reflectix. The meal will be hot several hours later.