Light Weight Luci LED Solar Powered Lantern Review

Luci LED Solar Powered Lantern

On a recent back packing on the Lost Coast Trail with my kids and some friends in May, I noticed my friend charging a funky looking Luci LED Solar powered Lantern strapped to his back pack for the evening use.  It looked too flimsy for backpacking as it was deflated.

At sun set he turned the LED lantern lit up our camp site that was adjacent to an abandoned light house and left it on for 10 hours and it was still emitting light in the morning.

You can buy Luci Lanterns online at Amazon for $15 or less.  There are other brands that look similar and probably work just as good.  I read the reviews and picked Luci as I used it while back packing and the reviews were excellent.

Light Up Your Campsite With A Luci LED Solar Powered Lantern

I was impressed because it's light weight, inflatable, bright, rechargeable, and is powered by a long lasting lithium ion battery.  No need for spare batteries as the lithium ion battery is permanent.  If you like to sit in hot springs or hot tubs at night, this unit is water proof and floats.

We bought 2 Luci lights for our summer car camping trip to Canada.  The lanterns lit up our van at night, provided light for night time game playing in the tent, and lit up our picnic tables for late night meals.

How many times have you left your flashlight on and ruined your batteries?  This will not happen with Luci as long you leave it out in day light to charge.

How To Get A Luci LED Solar Powered Lantern For  Free

Luci LED solar powered lantern runs for up to 12 hours on free sunlight.  It will pay for itself after one season and the remaining years of use are free!I spend $20 or more per year on rechargeable batteries for our flashlights as some get lost and others wear out.  No need to limit your use of flashlights in the back country to save on batteries.

A Luci LED Solar Lantern provides enough light to read a book at night.  For general tasks like cooking, cleaning, brushing your teeth, it lights up your world.  You can carry the Luci Light into your tent and it's not a fire hazard!

The Luci LED lantern our "go to" camping flashlight.

  • We carried on walks in the evening.
  • Cooking lantern.
  • Flashlight for going to the bathroom.
  • Tent lantern.
  • Night light.

How To Get Over 13,000 Hours Of  Free Solar Light

If you fully charge and then use up the entire battery every day, you'll get about 3 years of use out of just one Luci. For the more occasional user, a Luci light can last up to 7 years!

My friend Mark often left it on at night strapped to a tree and it was still running in the morning.  No point in testing my unit  as the lithium ion battery has finite uses.  It's probably good for at least 100 charges.

LUCI has 10 bright LEDs.  Use in the backyard, camping, backpacking, boating (it's waterproof) and as an Emergency light in the car or around the house.

For years, the gold standard for a camping lantern was the Coleman dual fuel gas lantern.  Fuel is readily available and it keeps your campsite illuminated for hours.  Times are changing and LED is replacing everything when it comes to lighting things up.

I rated the Luci LED lantern 5 stars on Amazon because it's really a great camping flashlight.  Order several today and keep them on a shelf, in the car, next to your bed, and in your bug out bag.

Luci LED Solar Powered Lanterns come in 6 different models.

Luci Original

luci led lantern

Colored Luci Light

luci light colored


luci lux


luci emrg light

Outdoor 2.0


Click here to order at Amazon today.



  1. Oh, we have a couple of the Luci Lights… aren’t they AMAZING!? I love ours!

    We have one that is big and bright and can be used as a flashlight, and one that is smaller and gentler and we use it as a night light to just vaguely illuminate things. The smaller one is the EMRG one and we play with the S-O-S light often like its a disco ball and our van is a 1970’s shag carpet van! LOL!

    I slipped a big binder clip on them (take off one arm and feed their handle through it, then reattach the binder arm) so I can hang them on the clothes line in the sunshine or magnet them to the door of the van in the sunshine!

    Awesome products!

    • Luci lights are awesome. Do you use them inside your van at night? We like them in the van because I can always find one.

      Thanks for the comment. It lead me to your blog. I look forward to following your progress in building out the van.


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