How To Choose A Comfortable Family Camping Tent That Will Last


Are you looking for the ultimate family camping tent?  There is a perfect tent waiting for you and your family.  It really depends on your needs and what you ultimate want.  Comfort is the number 1 concern for family camping trips since families usually stay in the same campsite for several days.  Ease of  set up is another important factor.  Have you ever arrived at your campsite just before sunset and tried to put it up for the first time?  It's a nightmare.  I always do a practice run and set up my tent before we leave on our trip to make sure that everything is in working order.

rei-base-camp-4 family camping tent
REI Base Camp 4 Family Camping Tent

Questions You should Ask  Before Buying A Family Camping Tent

  • Do I want a light weight tent?
  • Is comfort the most important for me?
  • Do I need stability from high winds and frequent rain storms?
  • Is easy set up the most important for me?
  • How many people will  be sleeping in the tent?
  • Do I want a tent that is durable?

The REI Base Camp 4 Is A Great All Around Family Camping Tent

The REI Base Camp 4 Review.  This tent does what it says it's supposed to do.  The base camp 4 sleeps 4 adults comfortably.  It's one of the sturdiest tents on the market and can withstand winds up to 40 miles per hour or more.  It is 60 square feet on the inside.  Not super large by any standards, but adequate for our family of 4.  I am 6 feet tall and it's not large enough for me to stand straight. But who sleeps standing up?  Click here to read all about the Base Camp 4 at

REI Base Camp construction.  The poles are made from aircraft grade aluminum.  They are almost indestructible.  Will they bend?  Yes.  I have a few poles that are bent because of the tight fitting configuration of this tent.  I really don't think that is a concern.

  • Mesh paneling and doors generously cut providing good ventilation.
  • Condensation is reduced by using 2 ceiling vents.
  • 2 large entry points.  Gear can be safely stored in outside vestibule.
  • The floor is taught creating a water-resistant pitch.
  • There are plenty of storage pockets around the tent plus an upper storage acetic to dry a small towel, hang a light, or put in small items.
  • Doors tuck cleanly away into interior pockets
  • The tent is far from being lightweight-16.5 pounds packed weight.  The is my biggest complaint about this tent.  You can reduce the weight by not carrying all 12 stakes.

4 Important Things You Need To Know About A Family Camping Tent

  1. Is it easy to set up?  I have a 15 minute rule for all my tents.  If I cannot set it up in 15 minutes by myself, then I don't want the tent.  Why by myself?  Because my wife has zero interest in the hard aspects of camping. I have her convinced that family camping is an easy vacation since I do all the hard work.
  2. Is it water proof?  Many will say that they are.  Read the reviews and find out what real people have to say.
  3. Will the tent fit as many people as advertised?  Read the reviews.  I only buy name brand tents from REI or used online.  If REI says that it can fit 4 adults, it's probably true.  Read the reviews despite what the seller says.  People are brutally honest.
  4. Is the tent compact and pack-able?  When you are family camping, most people tend to take too much stuff and are busting at the seams.  Make sure that your tent does not take up the entire cargo space of your SUV.  Cheap tents have a tendency to fit in that category.  Most high quality tents come with a bag.

Popular Family Camping Tents

  • Eureka
  • Coleman
  • REI
  • Big Agnes