How To Choose A Camping Air Mattress That Is Right For You

nemo cosmo camping air mattress

If you have spent any time camping then you know sleeping on a high-quality air bed or air mattress can make or break your trip. I have slept on everything from the bare ground to ultra-lightweight camping air beds.  I have punctured almost every type of air mattress including durable self inflating camping pads.  A flat camping air pad leaves you sleepless.

Welcome to the world of camping.  Most equipment will fail.  I replace any air mattress that shows signs of wear before failure.

The Best Nights Sleep With These 2 Air Mattresses

There are only 2 basic types of camping air mattresses-inflatable air mattresses and self inflating air mattresses.  Both are extremely comfortable.

Self inflating air mattresses are easier to use and more durable.  Expect a self inflating air mattress to last a life time.  I have my original ThermaRest that I purchased in 1985 an it is still in use.

thermarest self inflating sleeping pad

ThermaRest is not the only game in town.  REI, Nemo, Walmart, and Alps Mountaineering all sell self inflating air mattresses.

Inflatable air mattresses are luxurious and will give you the best possible sleep.  They are fairly light weight for car camping.  If you intend to use an inflatable air mattress, carry a repair kit in

Why A Self Inflating Air Mattress Makes More Sense For Lazy Campers

If you are looking for both comfort and ease, a self inflating air mattress is the way to go.  I personally do not like using a pump to fill up my air mattress because I am lazy.  I like the comfort of an inflatable air mattress, but I always seem to gravitate back to a self inflating air bed because it is less work. To give you an idea of how these work, think of a squishing a sponge in your hand and then releasing it.  The sponge will go back to it’s normal shape.  Self inflating air mattresses work the same way with the exception that they are covered with an air proof membrane that is capped once it reaches full capacity of air.  They are also more durable than a regular inflatable air mattress.

Both REI and ThermaRest make incredibly comfortable self inflating air mattresses.  If your purchase your self inflating air mattress from REI, they offer a life time satisfaction guarantee.

2 Reasons Why An Inflatable Air Mattress Is More Comfortable Than A Self Inflating Air Mattress

An inflatable air mattress has more insulation from the cold heat absorbing ground because by nature, it will keep you higher off the ground.

Inflatable air beds also give you added protection from rough rocky terrain because of the height of the air mattress.  Camping pads only give you a minimal amount of cushioning from rocks and the hard ground.

How To Easily Choose An Air Mattress That Is Right For You

Are you more interested in sleeping on a camping air bed that will keep you extremely comfortable all night?  Then the air mattress that you choose will probably be constructed of heavier material and will take up more of your storage space.  These air mattresses tend to be more durable, heavier, and bulkier and are less likely to be punctured.  The additional weight is usually nominal unless the storage capacity in your vehicle is extremely limited.

Do you require an air mattress that is light weight and puncture resistant?  Notice that I did not say puncture proof.  There are such things, but they are not air mattresses or air beds.  Light weight camping air beds do exist and I own several of them. They come in self inflating and the standard inflatable variety.  The inflatable air beds are extremely light weight, compact, and generally puncture resistant.  I find them comfortable to sleep on but my princess wife tends to disagree.

What works for one person is not going to work for another.  You may find that you need to purchase individual air mattresses and air beds for every member of your family or party.  My wife complains that every time one person moves on our air bed, she feels it and wakes up.  I sleep deeply and am not bothered with people moving around.

The best way to choose your air mattress is either to order one online it seems to me your requirements or purchase one locally and sleep on it for a few nights.  You have no risk as most outdoor distributors guarantee the satisfaction of their products and services.

Three Reasons Why You Should Look At The REI Campbed

  1. It’s as comfortable as an inflatable air mattress.
  2. It’s puncture resistant.
  3. It does not require a pump.

If you want the best of both types of air mattresses, then the REI Campbed 3.5 is for you.  It’s for  lazy people  that don’t want to carry an air pump.  It’s also made for people who want the ultimate in camping luxury without having to  worry about waking up in the middle of the night with a deflated air bed.

Click on the Campbed to see reviews and purchase it today.   reicampbed35forsale


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