Top 5 Portable BBQ Grills Review For Camping

grilled meat

When it comes to preparing food on camping trips, nothing beats grilling meat over portable camping BBQ grills. Grilled meat tastes better than any other method when camping. We buy grass fed hamburger or gourmet sausages to grill on the first night out.

UCO Gear out Washingston State carries 2 amazing compact camping BBQ grills. The Flatpack and Lilliput grills.  Read on and compare with other brands on the market.  These are not your run of the mill grills found at Target or Walmart.  They are as boutique and cool as micro brew beer.  Price point is spot on affordable!

 grilled meat on bbq

A grill is a much faster method of cooking family meals than dutch oven cooking. Both methods produce fantastic results. I would say that if you like both methods, than pack 'em both.

Grilled food seals in the juices and tastes better.

Best Compact Camping BBQ Grills Review

Lightweight Grilliput Compact BBQ Grill

The Grilliput compact BBQ grill is a car campers dream.  It's small and easily stowed away in tight vehicle storage areas. Works best with Fire Bowl. Crafted with high quality stainless steel.

compact camping grill

Flatpack Portable Grill & Fire-pit

The Flatpack portable BBQ grill doubles as a portable grill and fire-pit.   Offers more cooking real estate space than the compact Grilliput.

Simple Wire BBQ Grill

I prefer simple folding grates like this TexSport heavy duty over-fire bbq grill.  Sets up over charcoal or wood for easy camp grilling.

heavy duty camping grill

Fox Outfitters Quick Grill Folding Portable Grill

These super durable folding stainless steel portable grills made by Solo Stoves are perfect for car and small RV campers.  The folding design is amazing that fits into tight spaces of your vehicle.

portable bbq grill

Weber Go Anywhere Grill BBQ Grate

I carry the top grate from an old rectangular Weber grill left over from the Go Anywhere Grill.  We grill on both wood and charcoal-whatever is available.  While I don't suggest compact grills like the Weber Go Anywhere Grill, it's an excellent back yard BBQ grill.  Rather than discard the unit when the unit wears out, I save the grill as a back up BBQ grill for camping.