How To Get Your Your Vehicle Ready For Camping

gas station
Soulsby Service. Photo provided by Illinois route 66 Heritage Project

The first thing that I do before every trip is to take my vehicle to my mechanic for a $50 oil change.  He checks everything out including the belts, lights, fluids, tires, and brakes.  While I can change the oil cheaper myself, I cannot always foresee breakdowns before they happen.  Don’t be tempted to go to one of those Quicky Lubes for the $19,99 special.   Yes, most of these shops will change your fluids and top of the low fluids. If any of your fluids other than the window washer fluids is low, then you have a problem.  Lube centers usually do not offer repair services.  Take your car to a trusted mechanic and have him or her check out the entire vehicle.

Do These 4 Things To  Your Vehicle Before You  Go On An Extended Trip:

  1. Have my mechanic change the engine oil with synthetic blend or full synthetic because it’s nearly the same price as conventional motor oil.   He checks the entire car for mechanical problem.
  2. Clean and wash the entire vehicle.
  3. If there were no leaks for the mechanic to check,  I like to clean the engine compartment with an engine cleaner.
  4. Rotate my tires.

For some reason, a clean car seems to run better.  I know it’s all mental, but there is something about having both the interior and exterior clean. We like to keep everything organized in baskets and containers.  Everything has it’s place.  My wife packs a small broom so we can sweep out the van every night.  She brought the broom from the Philippines.  It’s about 3 feet long and has nice nylon bristles. In my opinion, keeping the vehicle tidy helps you enjoy the trip more.  Have you ever spent a significant amount of time searching for an item and found it right next to you?  Keep your vehicle clean and organized and this will not happen. If you have an Asian store in your area, look a nylon bristle broom with a wood or plastic handle.  Cut it to fit your vehicle.  Amazon sells a lot of good quality [easyazon-link asin=”B004FTPTNK” locale=”us”]angle broom[/easyazon-link] for cheap that will fit the bill.


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