How To Find Cheap Camping Gear


This is a totally random post that I wrote to help people where to find cheap camping gear online. 

Money is a limiting factor if you are just starting out camping.  Don't let this stop you from enjoying the outdoors.  If you can come up with the cash for a tank of gas, I can show you where to score deals on discount camping equipment.  Why pay full price for equipment that is going to used after your first trip when used camping equipment abounds for cheap?

How To Find Camp Kitchen Products For Cheap


When I started camping with my family 14 years ago, we bought most of our cooking equipment off  Craigslist ads.  I bought my first decent tent on sale at Target for  $79.  I had a collection of sleeping bags and camping pads.  An old room mate left a Coleman cooler that became ours.

Everything you need for a camping trip can be found online.  Free Cycle and Craigslist is my go to place for bargains and cheap camping equipment.

Don't forget friends either.  Our family has extra camping mats, sleeping bags, and tents that we let  our friends use. 

I have a feeling your own kitchen is full of cast iron pots, pans, and utensils that work fine for a weekend camping adventure.  We use a stainless steel Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker for making soups and stews.  My wife bought stainless steel plates at an Indian grocery store for .99 each.  Paper  plates cost less and you don't have to wash them after each meal.

FreeCycle requires you to open up an account and join one of the local groups.  Do it.  We have scored lots of great stuff at Freecycle.  We have also unloaded a lot of stuff!

Real Craigslist Cheap Camping Equipment Search Results

how to find cheap camping gear online I opened my local San Francisco Bay Craigslist and typed in "camping" in the sporting goods category of things for sale.  I put in $50 for the maximum amount.  In a matter of seconds, I found several pages of used equipment for sale:

For sale Camping stove -  propane $15
2 Burner (white gas) $35
2 Coleman burner stove 425 D (white gas) $25
Coleman 2 mantel propane lantern $25
Coleman 2 Mantle lantern older model but excellent condition. $35Backpacks,Sleeping Bags,Pads - $25 (bayview)
Down and synthetic sleeping bags,from $30 and up.
Two cheapo tents,one for $45,one for $55.Like new.
Thermarest pads $35 and up.

Top 6 Online Cheap Camping Equipment Sites

  1. Gear Trade This place sells used gear from both private sellers and online retailers.  You can score some great deals here!
  2. Outlet. This is the place that REI puts special purchase and out of season merchandise.  Sometimes it's better to buy brand new items because you can get them cheaper and the items come with a warranty!
  3. Walmart is one of our  favorite places for  buying camping equipment while traveling.  While I would not call them high end, they have one of the best selection of the all American Coleman products anywhere.  Need an air  mattress?  How about fuel?  Ever loose a tent stake?  Cast iron griddles and skillets?  Most people forget or loose at least one sleeping bag on camping trips.  You can buy a cheap replacement at Walmart for under $50 that will work just fine.
  4. Back Country  This place has an enormous selection of back packing and camping equipment.  Their customer service and return policy is spot on with REI.  They have great sales, and knowledgeable sales staff.
  5.  This place blows the doors out of most online sites.  I bought a Soto Windmaster Stove for 40% off.
  6. Go Fast And Light  The name says it all.  They have the lightest stuff around for camping that I have seen.  I bought my ultra light

REI Garage Sale  I have bought camping gear on and off at REI's garage sale.  My advice is to buy it only if it's in great condition and really cheap.  I have bought some stuff at 50% off and it would have been better to pay full price because the items broke after a few uses.  REI has a lifetime guarantee on items that you paid full price.  Lifetime beats short time.



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