How To Clean A Dirty Vehicle Carpet


Looking how to clean a dirty vehicle carpet that looks hopeless?  The carpet in our 2004 van was so filthy and grease stained that I almost tossed it out and bought a new carpet for $200.  Cutting the seat holes in the carpet and making sure they lined properly kept me from installing a new carpet.

Searching online on how to deep clean a dirty car carpet yielded multiple results using Chemical Guys products that include a cordless electric drill brush attachment.  I like power tools because it makes most jobs easier.  I never heard of Chemical Guys until I decided to clean the dirty carpet.  Real people answer the phones and they give great technical advice.  Check out their YouTube car detailing channel for amazing how to tips.

My cordless drill of choice is the Milwaukee  M18 with 3 lithium ion batteries. No need to spend more money an a professional automotive detailing tools for small jobs.

I ordered a simple medium grade brush attachment and deodorizing carpet cleaning automotive shampoo from Chemical Guys online.  In less than 15 minutes, the carpet was noticeably cleaner.  Make sure you have plenty of charged batteries as I went through 3 Lithium batteries to perform the task.

5 Steps to Deep Clean A Dirty Vehicle Carpet With A Cordless Electric Drill

  1. Vacuum the carpet with a good shop vac.  Get out as much dirt as possible for effective deep cleaning.  Amazon and Walmart sells amazing shop vacuums from uber cheap to expensive.heavy duty wet dry shop-vac
  2. Mix at least 1 liter of warm water with an appropriate biodegradable automotive carpet and upholstery cleaner like Chemical Guys Fabric and Upholstery Shampoo and Deodorizer.  Pour into spray bottle for deployment onto carpet.chemicalguysFabricCleaner
  3. Buy a carpet cleaning brush attachment from Amazon or Chemical Guys and attach to your corded or cordless electric drill.  Have spare batteries for the cordless drill as it toasts the batteries in a matter of minutes.clean a dirty vehicle carpet brush
  4. Liberally spray the carpet in small sections with the carpet cleaner.  Attack the carpet with your drill and carpet brush.  Don’t over do it as you may wear through the carpet.
  5. When the carpet looks acceptable, wipe the excess water and dirt with a microfiber towel.  It’s a good idea to run the shop vac over the carpet after cleaning it to remove excess water and to clean a dirty vehicle carpet with micro fiber towels

That’s it.  Cleaning a dirty car carpet is super easy.  Your carpet will smell and look better.  


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