Family Camping Stove Reviews


colemancampstoveDo you recall those funky green Coleman camping stoves that people used in the 60's?  I sort of regret selling my old Coleman that I bought for $5 on Craigslist because I love the retro look of it.  If you can pick up a used one for cheap, then grab it.   The old ones were made of super heavy duty steel and are nearly indestructible.  Needless to say, I needed to upgrade because my my old Coleman camp stove had issues at high elevations so I replaced it with a Dual Fuel Coleman 2 burner camp stove.   The amount of money that I save by using regular unleaded fuel instead of the expensive $10 a gallon white gas makes this stove almost free.  We usually fire it 3-4 times a day and often leave it running for an hour more cooking fresh soups or steam baking a chocolate  cake.  On my most recent trip, our family of four used about 2 gallons of fuel in 22 days on the road.  These things are very efficient.

If you are considering buying a new family camp stove, and are concerned about the environment, then buy one that uses fuel that does not come in expensive canisters like  propane.  I  have to admit that propane is super easy to use and they never fail.  However, I witnessed other campers lugging around a half dozen  green  bottles and then throwing them in  the  dumpster when they were finished.  Propane bottles take longer to  decompose than diapers.

My review for Coleman and white gas stoves in general are very biased.  I own 2 MSR white gas stoves for back packing and would never go in the back country without my MSR.  I just don't like the idea of paying for a canister that is going to be recklessly tossed into the trash.  Not to mention that you pay a small fortune for the fuel.

Why A Multi Fuel Camp Stove Will Pay For Itself

It's simple mathematics my friends.  Even though unleaded regular gas is selling for close to $4 a gallon, it's still half the price of colemanpropanecanisterwhite gas at Walmart.  In some stores, we saw Coleman camp fuel selling for $15!  I have owned my multi fuel stove for 5 years and have used more than 10 gallons of fuel.  Propane tanks sell for about $6 a two pack and probably are equal to about a half gallon of fuel.  I have read on other camping blogs stating that unleaded fuel is dirty and should never be used.  Have you ever considered what you put into your car?  Using unleaded fuel is a little dirty when you first fire up the stove, but I have not noticed any excess carbon build up on my cooking equipment.  I filter it with the Coleman fuel filter when I refill the stove and have never had a wink of trouble with this stove.

How To Get A Camp Stove That Is Guaranteed For  Life

REI is the Nordstrom's of the outdoor gear world.  Sure, you may pay more up front, but you will never be disappointed with their return policy.   Satisfaction guaranteed for the life of the product.  Period.  I bought my Coleman dual fuel stove about 5 years ago at REI and know that I will be using it until it dies or I die.   If it ever stops working, I will return it for a new one at no charge.  I stopped buying used gear (junk) at REI's garage sales because more often than not, the items like camp stoves and air mattresses ended up having issues and could not be returned.  Pay full or shop for your gear  at one of their sales and  you will not be disappointed.  Click here to read the reviews for Coleman dual fuel stove at REI.

Coleman Dual Fuel Camp Stove