New Camping Gear For 2013


stovetek_wood_burning_stoveI have my eyes on a lot of new camping gear for 2013.  However, I don't plan on buying everything that I look at or give a review on.  Peoples camping budgets are getting hit hard as more places are starting to charge daily use fees.  I was surprised when I pulled into a campsite on the Big Sur coast to eat breakfast and read a sign that charged for using the picnic table.  I know the old saying there is no free lunch-if you want to play, then you gotta pay!

I would much rather spend my money on new camping toys, gears, and gadgets.  Hot on my list this year will be rechargable LED lights, portable solar power, porta pottie, camping shower, sleeping bags, sleeping pads,  and camp cooking.

You can buy most of these items from Amazon, Walmart, REI, and Back CountryClick on any of the images and you will be linked to Amazon to read more about the product include the awesome reviews.

My number one product to research and test will be camping showers.  If you really want a hot shower, this Zodi propane shower has great reviews.  You can have a hot shower for your family in about 10 minutes.  I know that we spend about $5 for pay and coin operated showers on camping trips.  I have always disliked having to shower fast.  With the Zodi, you can take your time.

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Along with a hot shower, you are going to need some privacy.  I am looking at several portable privacy shelters for campers.

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I plan  no spending a lot time on other peoples blogs and websites to see what other people are doing.  Van dwellers, boon dockers, and full time RVers have a lot information.  When I was a kid, I thought  old folks did not know much.  The older people are, the more they know!

The Sea To Summit Pocket Shower Bag is an amazing design and is so light.  Even though I plan on using this stealth camping in our van, I also plan on taking it along back packing.  I like to keep things organized having a compact design like this will be great.

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We never have enough high quality camping towels.  They work for everything else too including drying your dishes.  Forget heavy cotton beach and bath towels.

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Sea To Summit Super Lightweight Down Sleeping Bag-The Trek TKii.  I bought this bag to replace my 25 year old Western Mountaineering down bag.  Sea To Summit makes high end down bags at not so high end prices.

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Emberlit Lightweight Back Packing & Camping Stove

My wife told me about this fantastic stove that uses wood and any other biomass as fuel.  The reviews are awesome.  It folds down to the size of a small booklet and weighs less than a pound.  I used it on a recent family camping trip and it does better than I thought.  I had it boiling water in 6 minutes.  Mind you, this was from a cold start and never using this stove.  I made an afternoon cup of coffee and was pleased at how simple this stove is to operate.  I found some dry kindling, lit the stove, and had my water boiling in no time.

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