Christmas 2016 Camping LED Flashlight Review

alps mountaineering led flashlight

I am writing my annual Camping LED flashlight review because every season, there are more models available for cheaper prices. Rather than buy throw down LED flashlights for a few dollars at the check out counter, I look for high quality flashlights at deep discount prices.

Hand Held Top Pick $19 Alps Mountain Mountaineering Firelight 130 LED Flashlight 

REI Garage at the time of post is selling the Alps Mountaineering Firelight 130 flashlight for $18.73.  Amazon sells the same unit for $40!

alps mountaineering led flashlight

At under $20, REI is blowing out this LED flashlight out for less than half the half the price at and it's a name brand flashlight.   This flashlight beam reaches 90 meters, weighs a scant 2.5 ounces and is water resistant.

I am reviewing 3 different type of LED lights-handheld flashlights, LED headlamps, and LED lanterns.  If you want to know about the best quality flashlights, go to reputable outdoor sites like,, and

Read the reviews, especially bad reviews.

Princeton Tec Best LED Headlamp 

REI Garage comes through again with the Princeton Tec Fuel LED LAMP for $20.73.   3 brightness settings plus strobe.  Comes with 3 AAA batteries.  Throw down flashlight price for a high quality LED headlamp.

princeton tea led headlamp

Pancake Size Lightweight Lucy Light LED Lantern

We have 3 LED Lucy Light LED lanterns and have given away at least than many to friends.  I keep 1 our family camping van for emergencies and for a light to find things at night.  You never have to buy batteries or think about recharging this flashlight.  I leave it out near indirect sunlight and it's ready to go at all times.  Buy them at Big 5, Walmart, REI, or

Luci LED Lantern

Honorable Mention LED Tactical Flashlight

The Nebo Redline LED is one of the hottest flashlight to hit the LED market.  At 220 lumens, it packs enough illumination to be seen on the street or trail.  I mounted one on my adult push scooter because the red ring around the front lens acts as a side light.  When it's dark on my ride home, I put this LED flashlight on the strobe mode.

The  Redline has 5 lighting modes, 100% white light (220 lumens), 50% white light (110 lumens), 10% white light (22 lumens), S.O.S. mode (220 lumens), and emergency strobe mode (220 lumens). This flashlight has a 4x adjustable beam that works with any light setting to change the REDLINE from a spot light to focus up to 150 yards a or to a  flood light to illuminate everything within a 20 yard distance.

This LED light is small being just 4.5 inches and weighing less than 8 ounces.  You cannot beat the price at less 30 bucks delivered.

Click on here to buy the  Nebo Redling LED flashlight and read the top rate flashlight reviews at Amazon



The Nebo 5550 rechargeable flashlight is so powerful and so light and can be carried in your pocket.  It weighs less than 2 lbs. and can be recharged in the cigarette lighter outlet.  Click

The Etón  Clipray LED Flashlight /Cell Phone Charger with hand crank.  When your outdoor adventure take you off the grid, you need a device that will power up your electronic devices and light your way in the dark. The Etón Clipray is a compact unit that you can easily store in your bug-out bag or backpack,  and take with you anywhere you go.  This flashlight never needs batteries as it is powered by a hand crank.  It has the built in LED flashlight, and USB/cell phone charger.

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