Bearpaw Boots


Bearpaw is a fairly new company that started in 2001 that are purveyors of the  Their biggest competitor is Ugg that manufactures very stylish sheepskin boots.  Bearpaw has a complete line of outdoor shoes and hiking boots. You are probably very familiar with their women's suede boots. They are known for being very comfortable and durable. If you do a search on Google for fur-lined boots you'll come up with literally millions of choices. You will find the brands Ugg and Bearpaw. You will find more often than not that Ugg is significantly more expensive than Bearpaw. However, the quality of Bearpaw is going to be as good or better than Ugg. What most people end up finding is that Bearpaw boots are a better value than the competition. I am not saying that Ugg is an inferior brand. Nothing is further from the truth because Ugg is a fantastic brand.  Both Bearpaw & Ugg offer the soft shearling and wool lining for increased comfort.

Bearpaw makes a variety of boots and shoes for outdoor recreation. They have a complete line of hiking boots and shoes, winter boots, and casual wear shoes. You can do a search at Amazon Zappos and you'll see that Bearpaw is definitely catching up to the competition.

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Bearpaw Moccasins

Bearpaw moccasins for adults I like those comfortable slippers that many of us wore as kids. They are lined with real furry sheepskin. Your toes and feet will just sink into them and you will not want to take them off. They are great moccasins to where on a camping trip in the morning for an evening to keep your feet warm. There just is perfect in a cabin or lodge setting.

Bearpaw Women's Slip on Clogs

I think these are even better than moccasins. They are so easy to get on and are so darn comfortable. I don't even think it's strange to see women running around the malls in Bearpaw clogs.

Women's Bearpaw Boots

Bearpaw boots are the flagship product of this company. These are the nice soft boots made out of suede and real sheepskin lining. They are so comfortable that many people wear them without socks. I live in a fairly warm climate in northern California and I see people wearing Bearpaw boots year-round. Just like the competition, Ugg, Bearpaw boots are available in a variety of beautiful colors such as gray, pink, tan, and many others. This is what many would call the perfect “after ski boots”. I say that Bearpaw suede boots are perfect for just about every day where.

Bearpaw boots are made for toddlers, children, teens, juniors, and for both men and women.

If you're looking at finding the best deal on Bearpaw boots, Amazon always seems to beat the competition. Go ahead and read the reviews on Bearpaw boots by clicking on the link below, and you'll see why they are outselling Ugg.