Rechargeable LED Flashights To Light Up Your Camping World


colemanled8lanternIt’s no coincidence that technology has made our life so much easier when it comes to camping.  Consider the common flashlight.  Just 15 years ago, I was struggling to conserve the batteries on my incandescent flashlight.  With my rechargeable battery operated LED lights, I hardly give it a second thought when I leave a flashlight on for more than a few minutes.  It’s a rare day when the batteries on my flashlights go dead.  If the batteries are dead, it’s because they have been in the flashlight for more than a year.

Old fashioned incandescent bulbs use a breakable filament that are susceptible to damage from heat, over use, and shock.   I can remember having to change bulb of my Mini Maglite flashlight on several occasions during trail runs because I dropped it on the ground.  I usually ran with one or two other guys and we always made sure to carry a spare.  Incandescent bulbs also emit wasteful heat.  I used to do a once a week trail run in the dark before sunrise and my flashlight had about 2 hours of use before it went dead.  When I purchased an LED flash light, I could run all winter in the dark with only 1 change of batteries.

2 Extremely Useful LED Flash Lights For Camping

Nebo Redline Tactical LED Flashlight Review

When I was searching for a flashlight to test on my car camping trip this summer, I was looking for one that could be used at home,  work, and for camping.  when I started reading about the Nebo Redline tactical flashlight, I knew that it was the one that I wanted because of various modes like S.O.S. and strobe.  The strobe function is one of my favorite modes to use because I can attach it to my back pack for added safety when I commute to work on my bicycle.  It packs a full 220 lumen of white light.  When I used it camping, it seemed as if I was using a portable search light.

The lens is adjustable so you can use it as a flood light or a concentrated light source.  My youngest son was interested in the jagged front face of the flashlight that can be used in urban combat to ward off would-be thugs.  I pity anybody that tries to cross the user of this flashlight because they will be left with half their face missing.

Coleman LED  8 D Family Lantern Review

The Coleman LED 8 Lantern is  one product that I would give an “honorable” mention review for.  While it’s not a super star that merits a stellar review, it’s a sturdy work-horse that worked wonderfully for our 3 week camping trip.  It lit up a small cabin and gave us enough light to prepare meals and clean up the dishes.  It’s not quite light enough to read comfortably.  But neither was my Coleman dual fuel white gas lantern.  For approximately $30 and a $20 for rechargeable batteries, I would say that it’s a decent lantern to have around.  I would like to see an LED lantern with about twice the amount of light because our family likes to read at night.  I would still recommend this as a great lantern to use for camping and emergencies when battery life is important.

The bottom line is that with prices so low for LED flashlights and lanterns, you really need to pack several for camping safety and convenience.


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